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Kipling to Kjer

May 21, 2015

OMG I just realized that I did not blog about these items made for a little Kjer (pronounce kiƐr) that was born last December, on my own birthday! Shame on me. As welcome presents, he got a health book cover, similar to the one that his almost cousin had got about two years earlier, based on the very nice Healthy FreeBook by Farbenmix, this time with the boy’s name embroidered on the front page:

But I was also inspired by Clio (who made two of them) and knit him a giraffe from  Itty-Bitty Toys by Susan B Anderson, that DN named Kipling (I don’t know why):

Kipling is bigger and heavier than I had thought. He is made of Superwash Merino yarn, filled with pellets at the feet’s ends and with foam secured in muslin for the rest of his body. Kjer is almost 6 months old now and I wonder if he’s learned to play with Kipling now…

Wax Paperbag Skirt

May 15, 2015

I got to visit my grand-mother in April. Yes, my grand-ma is still alive. She’s probably older than 90 years old and let me tell you that she is more lucid than some people I know who are almost 30 years younger. She was happy to see her great grand daughters, so she picked a piece of fabric out of her stash and gave it to me, with the mission to have a garment sewn for each of her great grand-daughters (5 of them). For my daughters, I had dresses hand-made before we left. They got to pick the models themselves. The street tailors are so impressive in Cameroon. We picked the dresses from a catalog, she took like 5 measurements from my daughters, and within a couple of days, with 5 measurements and based on a sole picture i.e. without a pattern, this is what she came up with, for approximately 25€, a ridiculous prize:

I took the fabric remnant with me, knowing that within a couple of weeks, my two girls would be visiting one of their cousin aka one my nieces aka one of my grandma’s great grand daughters. Are you still with me? I haven’t seen my niece in a long time and I had little time for sewing so I had to find a pattern that could fit a range of sizes and would be fast to make up. The Feather skirt from Ottobre 3/2014, basically a paper bag skirt, qualified:

This is my version, a size 140 for an 8 year-old:

The front and back are basically two pleated squares with a casing sewn on and bands inserted. The contrast fabric is a Joel Dewberry cotton, I used the remnants for my Petal Sleeve Wrap Blouse. I made a scalloped hem and cut extra big side seam allowances, so the skirt could be adjusted if too small (I know her mom has a sewing machine) but this is what it looked like right out of my daughters’ luggage:

I had to cut her head off the picture so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that she is brightly smiling. Mission accomplished!

Well, not quite. It’s 3 down, 2 to go, but since my sis is now sewing a bit, I’ll just give her the remaining piece of fabric and let her go to work :)

Skull Cookie Blouson

May 15, 2015

I spent January drooling over all the Rigel bomber jackets uploaded all over the blogosphere. And while I liked that pattern, there was another one that attracted me even more: the Cookie Blouson by Waffle patterns. And when I stumbled upon this Skull Print Scuba Bodycon Stretch Jersey Dress Fabric by Minerva Crafts while trying to source neoprene/scuba knit online, the match was made instantly, at least mentally:

Alterations done:

  • 2.5 cm FBA, added as a classic FBA-dart that was rotated into the front gathers
  • round shoulder alteration
  • added piping to the yoke
  • added a lining
  • skipped topstiching because of the fabric (slippery jersey!)

The end results looks exactly like as pictured on the pattern. Except that the sleeves, although not short on me, are far from being as long as they appear on Yuki.

The only thing that could be better are the pockets: they could be a smidge bigger. On the other hand, I love the high collar that can protect my neck in the chilly spring weather. I think that’s what drew me to this pattern instead of the Rigel.

The instructions are fine. I only wish she would have included the lining instructions in the main pattern instructions instead of adding them as a tutorial series on her blog.

I love this jacket already. It’s going to get a lot of wear.

Petal Sleeve Wrap Blouse

May 12, 2015

I’ve been wanting to sew this pattern since it came out. I love the high-low hem, and the soft curve that it creates with the sleeves hem on the original garment:

Problem is: I barely wear long-sleeve blouses, except under a blazer. But I figured the petal sleeve would be a nice match to the bodice wrap. Enter Rhonda’s drafting tutorial, a cute fabric by Vlisco and a matching piece by Joel Dewberry. The colors are much more vibrant IRL.

Alterations made:

  • graded to a 44 based on high bust measurement
  • 1-inch FBA
  • lengthened by 5 cm/2 in
  • collar bias sewn on the outside with contrast fabric instead of the inside
  • finished with French seams.

This is a nice and easy pattern (no buttons, no zipper, no pockets). However, keep in mind that this is a wrap blouse so it behaves like a wrap dress, i.e. you might be seen with a bare belly in windy weather :) Other than that, I like it.

Vogue Summer 2015

April 8, 2015

OMG I’m so ashamed. Is my review of Vogue’s Spring style just 2 blog posts away?  Although I promised I haven’t been lazy. I have V8980 (like), V9021 (not sure), V1392 (luuuv) and at last, a new version of V1258 (luv) all made up. But not a spare second for taking/editing pics. And starting tomorrow on a vacation of a vacation of the type I’ll need to go on vacation from when I come back.

What’s even worse, I feel like there’s not a lot to review this time. I actually feel a bit let down, even by Donna Karan, whose only pattern I’m feeling is this rather unspectacular number, at least for what she used us to:

I can picture it a voile. It would need massive lengthening for me though…

However, I think this Rebecca Taylor dress is the one that could start popping up on the blogosphere rather sooner than later.

I do like it a lot but wonder how that would work on a busty figure (aka mine) since it’s not that bra-briendly. And all those tucks! I would consider buying a specialty foot for those.

I rella like this Pamella Roland dress:

And although I’m strangely attracted to this Marcy Tilton dress/top

this is the new pattern with the highest cuteness factor:

And it’s reversible!

Dior’s 135th runway

February 12, 2015

If you understand some French and are interested in haute couture, take a look at this video on Dior’s 135th runway…

Vogue Early Spring 2015 (picture heavy)

January 20, 2015

Life will go on. Même pas peur. So not afraid that I will be getting an online abonnement as soon as available. There you go. But back to life.

So Vogue has released the Early Spring patterns (can you call it spring if you didn’t have a winter?) ans as usual, I like to documented my favorites and random thoughts.

My “likes”:

V1437 Ralph Rucci: I love the signature sleeves. I want to make that jacket so bad but the fabric I have in mind is a ponte knit and I wonder if this would work.

Vogue 1440 by DonnaKaran: I like the lines of the jacket but am not so sure about the fringes. The top, however, I luuuust.

Vogue 1436 by Anne Klein: shirt patterns by Anne Klein are a sure value.

Vogue 9077: Not sure how the front bands would look on a full bust, but I like it.

Vogue 1433 by Tracy Reese: very unspectacular lines but the attached petticoat attracts me somehow. Curious to see how designers make this…

Vogue 9096, view A. Not sure about view B. I also wonder why they didn’t release it together as a Vogue Wardrobe with Vogue 9079.

view A

View B



Other random thoughts:

If I were into vintage; I would love the vintage release this time around.

Looks like Sandra Betzina’s been reading Rhonda’s Sleeves on Saturdays posts. I like the triangular bound buttonholes.

Really like these gaucho pants. Make me think of Vogue 8298 (long OOP)…

Vogue 9091


Vogue 8298


V9084: even I have been there and done that.

Vogue 1432 by Kay Unger: As much as I like the dress, Ana has been there and done that long ago, thanks to m-sewing


What are your thoughts on this collection?


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