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Simplicity Too Late to my Minions Party

August 21, 2015

Simplicity latest release newsletter hit my inbox yesterday, and this is what I saw first:

It’s a child’s minion costume. Well, DM will be back in school in less than a week and this was our summer holiday project:

(suspenders were later secured)

OK, they’re no costume, they’re worry eaters, but I think after sewing these and eating all things minions this summer, the hype will be over come Halloween. This was a fun summer project. DM (now 8) first sketched the minion, then draw the pattern with a bit of help from me. We then bought the fabrics, cut and sew them together. I’d make one seam on a worry eater and she’d come sew the same seam on the other one. I made all the really curvy ones like the fingers but all in all, she was able to contribute a lot. This happened in the weekends over 4-5 weeks. The minions worry eaters were actually gifts (one of them for DN) but based on the same pattern, we also made her a monster worry eater:

This one was finished on time for her to take it to her visit to her cousins in France and when she came back, there was a small paper inside written with “Ich habe heimweh” (“I’m homesick”) that she threw away. Ain’t that cute?

So there. Nice idea, Simplicity, but I think I’ll pass. This coat pattern from Mimi G, however, I might have to get…

Seeing Double – Big4 goes Indie?

August 18, 2015

Once (or twice) in a while, I see double. It happened again today when I opened McCall’s newsletter:

Lolita Spearmint pattern (released Dec 2013):

McCall’s M7256 (Collection Fall 2015):

What are your thoughts? Which are you most attracted to? Do you think it’s a coincidence?

Sewing Goodness Extracts

August 17, 2015

Let’s gasp together in admiration for arianamaniacs’s silk dupioni hand dyed and hand-painted gown:



Passerine Overall

August 9, 2015

“OMG is this cute!!!” was my first thought upon seeing this garment in Ottobre last spring:

And this is my version, realised shortly after:

As you can see, you don’t see a thing. Because when I made the overalls a few months ago, DN was not in full control of her bladder yet. And so the first time she wore them to daycare, a malheur happened due to the fact that she had not managed to take them off on time. After that, understandably, she didn’t want to wear them again, to the point that this running away picture is all I manage to have. She just would not wear these, let alone being captured in picture doing it.

So I decided to refashion them. Because there was no way this cotton jersey from a trip in Berlin would go to waste. The plan was to open up the waist seam, add a peplum to the bodice and an elastic waistband to the pants. After a few weeks of procrastination, I literally had my seam ripper in one hand and the garment in the other when she saw me yesterday, and claimed that these were hers and she wanted to wear them. Tadaa:

She loves them now. She still needs help to remove the sleeves if she wants to pipi so I don’t think I’ll let her wear them to daycare…

Sewing Indie Month Bundle

August 7, 2015

If your attention were drawn to the cookie Blouson pattern when you saw my version, then it my be worth having a look at the Sewing Indie Month Bundle 1…

Vogue Patterns Fall 2015

July 12, 2015

It feels wrong to be looking at Fall patterns in this weather, doesn’t it?

I’m partial and always look at the DonnaKaran/DKNY patterns first.

I’m not too fond of the skirt of V1466 because of the length, but I like the jacket:

The other jacket by DonnaKaran, V1465, is somewhat reminiscent of V1440, but what I like is the DK-typical “no side seams” skirt, though due to Vogue’s fabric choice, this is only visible on the tech drawing:



There’s also V1462, a DKNY blouse (and top). But honestly, no one does blouses like Anne Klein, although I won’t be getting V1463:

V1462 V1463

V1467 by Anne Klein, however, is on my wish list:

Also in the sailor style, I’m on the fence regarding V1464 by Sandra Betzina, maybe because Ana set too high a standard with her own sailor pants:


There’s usually at least one interesting design by Ralph Rucci and since V1458 is the only one this time around, it had to be interesting:

I know it feels like the fall will never come back but what do you think about this release?

Easy Does Not Mean Fast

June 13, 2015

I ordered Vogue 1392 by Kay Unger after seeing Erica B’s version and have only been waiting for the day the right fabric would pair with the right opportunity. And enough sewing mojo and time. Quite a challenge to have all the conditions fulfilled but it happened when we received a wedding invitation for April, and then another one for May:

I really really like this dress, which kind of surprised me since I’m not used to wearing this fit (fitted bodice, full skirt).

The front bodice is fully interfaced and boned (with metal boning) under the bust and at the sides, which gives it some support. Not enough to go bra-less for bigger busts (e.g. me), but I believe smaller cup sizes could actually get away with it.

I made a FBA and apparently did not adjust the skirt enough so I had to let out the front side pleats as a result. It does show upon close comparison with the pattern envelope but I don’t intend to walk around with the pattern envelope on display for comparison purposes. If you have to make alterations, be aware that this pattern includes separate pieces for the bodice and front lining that are indeed different with regard to seam lines. So for my FBA, I had to adjust 4 pattern pieces.

I was expecting an elaborate construction for the petticoat but the petticoat is basically an underlining of the skirt with silk organza. Or wait. Can you call it underlining if they are treated as one at the waist line but not at the side seams? I don’t know. Anyway, I was pretty anxious to work with silk organza but it was much easier than I expected.

This is an easy sew. But not necessarily a fast one. What did not help is the fabric I chose, a Vlisco wax of the Bloom collection. If you look at my Pinterest Wax board, you will see that pattern placement is often key when sewing with wax (aka Ankara) fabric. I gave it a lot of thought, and I think it paid off. What do you think? The lining is a coton satin.

I love the pockets. They’re big enough for my cell phone, which is good because the clutch I was carrying with this dress wasn’t. Yes, I’m sacrificing practicality for looks. Call me vain.

For more inspiration with wax fabric and how to mix and match it, keep your eyes peeled on Stella Jean or check out My african closet. And if you’re not into wax but can appreciate some colourful inspiration, check CoreCouturePetites bobines and A challenging sew.


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