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Sewing Goodness Extracts

October 12, 2016

Check out the sewing translator that Oliver and S just launched. I might have to test it with Spanish or Portuguese, since I have a few Patrones and Manequim.

I really like the Kelly anorak, one of Closet Case Patterns’ latest releases and the various tester versions that are popping all around. Makes me think of a few parka patterns I “saved” in my mind:

The Kelly pattern (also check out Carolyn’s version):


Burda 09/2012 #129 (also check out Vivat Veritas’ version):


Patrones extra 184 is worth seeking, for these two patterns (I own it, lucky as I am :)):

Vogue Patterns Release Winter/Holiday 2016

September 27, 2016

Vogue has released new patterns and guess what: after Butterick by Gertie (her blog) and Mimi G at Simplicity (her blog), it’s Paco Peralta at Vogue Patterns (his blog, his shop)! So exciting. I’ve seen many patterns of his made by Tany (love this one) and have been wanting to get my hands on some of them and kept being turned down by the horrendous shipping fees from Portugal.

I really like the look of V1527 and I know politics is a touchy subject, but even despite the lack of a headgear, I couldn’t help but think about the polemics on modest fashion in general and islamic clothing in particular. At any rate, V1527 is a very classy and classic jacket/dresscoat:

Otherwise, I also love V1524 from new Vogue Patterns designer Rebecca Vallance. Very sexy, and with the band in the back and the fact that it’s a Custom Fit pattern, it could be suited for bigger busts:

Nothing else swept me off my feet. What do you think about the new patterns?

Sewing Goodness Extracts

September 6, 2016

I’m repeadtedly in awe at how great garments made of refashioned denim can be. Look at Carolyn, MessyEssyMakes, TheUpSew, Fadanista, VeraLuna or matkailijakirppu.

Named Patterns have released their latest Collection (Evolution Theory) and I love love love the Talvikki Sweater (I have a vision of it in scuba without the sleeves and with a higher armscye) and the Aava Tailored Blazer (which I see without the decorative pocket flaps). I also like the Pulmu High-waisted Pencil Skirt and the Tyyni Cigarette Trousers, which remind of the Vogue DKNY pattern (can you say “no side seams”?). And then I had a look at their back Collections and fell in love with the skirt of the Vanamo Two-Piece Cocktail Dress.

Colette Patterns is releasing Rue today, a pattern that is aimed to be a “back to the roots” of the brand release. I like the play of stripes on their sample but am not convinced by the fit of the bodice on the Pictures above the piping lines, so I held off. Will/would you grab it?


September 4, 2016


Click on picture for the official trailer.

I watched the movie in the plane on my way to Indonesia for holidays (!). More on that later…

Sewing Goodness Extracts

August 12, 2016

This beauty of a dress added a pattern to my wish list. It would be easy to alter to J Crew’s Going Places dress, a more formal version.

More weaving beauty from Mathew. Very Chanel.

If you’re not following the Refashioners, you’re missing out. There are even shoes entirely made of jeans! A possible inspiration for Carolyn, who seems to be breezing through a 100% DIY challenge year.

Vogue Patterns – Fall 2016

July 7, 2016

These always catch me by surprise. I’m so not in a mood for fall. But anyhow. What’s no surprise, in the absence of DKNY and DonnaKaran patterns, only two really catched my eye:

Vogue 1513 by Badgley Mischka:


Vogue 1514 by Bellville Sassoon, which I would buy only for the bliss of reading the construction details (foundation with boning in a knit dress?!):v1514_01


July 1, 2016


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