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Work in Progress

January 22, 2016

Easing wax is not easy, let me tell you… Can you guess what pattern this is?


Vogue Patterns Spring 2016

January 8, 2016

Happy New Year! As winter is finally hitting outside (and hitting hard, at least in my neck of the woods), Vogue releases their Spring Collection. And I’m totally underwhelmed. This is the only pattern that somewhat appeals to me:

Vogue 1481 by Kay Unger:

V1481, Misses' Notch-Neck Back-Cutout Dress

Have you had a look at this new release? What are your thoughts?

November 16, 2015


Following Suit

September 28, 2015

It’s that time of year, and not only Vogue is releasing their collections, but also, among others:

There are also some sew-alongs going on, like

What are you up to this Fall?

Vogue Patterns: Winter/Holiday 2015

September 24, 2015

Have you had a look at the newly released Vogue patterns? For me there are two clear winners:

V1469 by Lialia:

Makes me think of a new and improved OOP Butterick 5780:

V9145 by Claire Schaeffer, though I admit that 4 meters of fabric for a dress is a lot:

Patterns I like with a “but” are

V1472 by Lorcan Mullany by Bellville Sassoon, but I would use a walking foot for those side seams.

In principle, it reminds me of OOP V1195 by Badgley Mischka that I also liked at the time:

V1475 by Badgley Mischka, but without the sleeves:

V1474 by Tom and Linda Platt, I like but I haven’t gone bra-less since I was like 13…

V1480 by DonnaKaran I like the tech drawing of pants but the top makes me think of a maternity garment, and the fabric choice is patently wrong for both IMHO:

And then this last one just confuses me/leaves me perplex, V1470 by Tom and Linda Platt:

A dress that wants to look like a tunic and skirt? But what’s the sense of that spiraling hem? This one, for me, is like an accident: you can’t look at it but you can’t look away.

All in all I think this a not as festive as I’m used to seeing for the Holiday collection. I’m a little sad not to be wow-ed by the new designers, Nicola Finetti and Zandra Rhodes.What’s your take on the new collection?

Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle 2 is Here

September 2, 2015

The second Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle has been released:

Go and get it! You know you want it …

Simplicity Too Late to my Minions Party

August 21, 2015

Simplicity latest release newsletter hit my inbox yesterday, and this is what I saw first:

It’s a child’s minion costume. Well, DM will be back in school in less than a week and this was our summer holiday project:

(suspenders were later secured)

OK, they’re no costume, they’re worry eaters, but I think after sewing these and eating all things minions this summer, the hype will be over come Halloween. This was a fun summer project. DM (now 8) first sketched the minion, then draw the pattern with a bit of help from me. We then bought the fabrics, cut and sew them together. I’d make one seam on a worry eater and she’d come sew the same seam on the other one. I made all the really curvy ones like the fingers but all in all, she was able to contribute a lot. This happened in the weekends over 4-5 weeks. The minions worry eaters were actually gifts (one of them for DN) but based on the same pattern, we also made her a monster worry eater:

This one was finished on time for her to take it to her visit to her cousins in France and when she came back, there was a small paper inside written with “Ich habe heimweh” (“I’m homesick”) that she threw away. Ain’t that cute?

So there. Nice idea, Simplicity, but I think I’ll pass. This coat pattern from Mimi G, however, I might have to get…


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