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November 16, 2015


Following Suit

September 28, 2015

It’s that time of year, and not only Vogue is releasing their collections, but also, among others:

There are also some sew-alongs going on, like

What are you up to this Fall?

Vogue Patterns: Winter/Holiday 2015

September 24, 2015

Have you had a look at the newly released Vogue patterns? For me there are two clear winners:

V1469 by Lialia:

Makes me think of a new and improved OOP Butterick 5780:

V9145 by Claire Schaeffer, though I admit that 4 meters of fabric for a dress is a lot:

Patterns I like with a “but” are

V1472 by Lorcan Mullany by Bellville Sassoon, but I would use a walking foot for those side seams.

In principle, it reminds me of OOP V1195 by Badgley Mischka that I also liked at the time:

V1475 by Badgley Mischka, but without the sleeves:

V1474 by Tom and Linda Platt, I like but I haven’t gone bra-less since I was like 13…

V1480 by DonnaKaran I like the tech drawing of pants but the top makes me think of a maternity garment, and the fabric choice is patently wrong for both IMHO:

And then this last one just confuses me/leaves me perplex, V1470 by Tom and Linda Platt:

A dress that wants to look like a tunic and skirt? But what’s the sense of that spiraling hem? This one, for me, is like an accident: you can’t look at it but you can’t look away.

All in all I think this a not as festive as I’m used to seeing for the Holiday collection. I’m a little sad not to be wow-ed by the new designers, Nicola Finetti and Zandra Rhodes.What’s your take on the new collection?

Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle 2 is Here

September 2, 2015

The second Sewing Indie Month Pattern Bundle has been released:

Go and get it! You know you want it …

Simplicity Too Late to my Minions Party

August 21, 2015

Simplicity latest release newsletter hit my inbox yesterday, and this is what I saw first:

It’s a child’s minion costume. Well, DM will be back in school in less than a week and this was our summer holiday project:

(suspenders were later secured)

OK, they’re no costume, they’re worry eaters, but I think after sewing these and eating all things minions this summer, the hype will be over come Halloween. This was a fun summer project. DM (now 8) first sketched the minion, then draw the pattern with a bit of help from me. We then bought the fabrics, cut and sew them together. I’d make one seam on a worry eater and she’d come sew the same seam on the other one. I made all the really curvy ones like the fingers but all in all, she was able to contribute a lot. This happened in the weekends over 4-5 weeks. The minions worry eaters were actually gifts (one of them for DN) but based on the same pattern, we also made her a monster worry eater:

This one was finished on time for her to take it to her visit to her cousins in France and when she came back, there was a small paper inside written with “Ich habe heimweh” (“I’m homesick”) that she threw away. Ain’t that cute?

So there. Nice idea, Simplicity, but I think I’ll pass. This coat pattern from Mimi G, however, I might have to get…

Seeing Double – Big4 goes Indie?

August 18, 2015

Once (or twice) in a while, I see double. It happened again today when I opened McCall’s newsletter:

Lolita Spearmint pattern (released Dec 2013):

McCall’s M7256 (Collection Fall 2015):

What are your thoughts? Which are you most attracted to? Do you think it’s a coincidence?

Sewing Goodness Extracts

August 17, 2015

Let’s gasp together in admiration for arianamaniacs’s silk dupioni hand dyed and hand-painted gown:




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