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Wise Poppy

April 9, 2016

About the fabric, by Vlisco (Woven Wisdom collection):

Macramé is the beautiful craft of knotting ropes into ornamental designs. Our designer carried this fine craftwork into an extra large, outspoken design that’s an artwork in itself.

About the pattern:


The Poppy Zip Front Top will become a wardrobe favourite. The slightly raised neckline, zip front and pleated back gives this style an elegant look that is both timeless and on-trend. The design lines create a flattering shape. Make it with the new short elbow length sleeve or leave it sleeveless.

My garment:

I thought I would be able to mirror the front and back but the fabric pattern was so intricate that even with 2 yards, it was a challenge. I think what killed it is that the symetry on the fabric is only on the vertical, not on the horizontal axis, and the pattern is so large that with 2 yards (and only 45 inches large), there’s not that many repeats. Anyway, the front sides are not symetric but IRL it’s not as noticeable as I feared. The back, however, is perfect, if may say so myself. I like how the rope pattern in the middle back mimics the spine.

This is the inside of the jacket. The facings are finished with bias. One of the front facings is pieced and I used another cotton fabric for the back facings, also due to fabric shortage. However, should I want to wear the top open, the front facings are mirrorred.

The only alteration I made was a fba. The high back slightly stays away from my neck so a round shoulder measurement would’ve been on order, I guess. Live and learn…

I skipped the large hem stitch and understitched all facings instead, also securing them to the seams allowances at the side seams, so they wouldn’t flip out. They do stay put.

The instructions are minimal, to say the least. As an example, here’s the first step:

Start by sewing the back neck darts followed by sewing centre back seams together, then back panel to the side back panels.

I think Vogue or Burda would have made 3 steps out of it. They also don’t say to only sew until the top of the pleats. One has to figure it out on one’s own, which works, thanks to the accurate markings, which all matched very well. So I’d say the good pattern drafting makes up for the brief instructions.


To me, this is a is a hybrid between a shirt, worn closed with jeans, and a jacket, worn open over a dress or tank top and bottom. I wanted sleeves as per pattern but had to shorten them due to fabric limitations, which emphasizes the hybrid character even more IMO. I sense this is going to be worn a lot this summer…

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  1. April 10, 2016 00:46

    This is a fun top! I love StyleArc patterns so much and am glad to see tops sewn up that I have been eyeing. Cute!



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