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Vogue Patterns Summer 2017

April 7, 2017

You can tell my enthusiasm doesn’t rocket high when it takes a week for me to review Vogue’s latest release. Though I have to attenuate that, I guess this is just one of those case where you have to look at the patterns several times to let them grow on you. Here are my thoughts:

I liked Vogue 1544 from Tom and Linda Platt right away. Dresses with a highligh in the back like this are simple, classic, very Breakfast at Tiffany’s, to me ūüôā


Vogue 1550 by Paco Peralta is fashion and art teacher-y (without wanting to offense any art teacher) at the same time. I like it, especially with the length options.


Vogue 1542 By Patricia Jeanne Keay is something I would make for myself (without the embelishment but I may than wear it with a brooch) or for my daughter (with the embellishment). It would fit and flatter a variety of figures.


Vogue 1548 by Guy Laroche is growing on me. To be honest, I would skip the sleeves and make it either sleeveless or with cap sleeves. I don’t think many people could rock them and I don’t like long sleeves on dresses anyway. The cleavage may have to be made less generous. And that ruffle hem band, I don’t know… The skirt does need to be lengthened, that’s for sure. But as is, it looks like it would become a tulip skirt. I think a pencil skirt or a flare pleated skirt would be more flattering. Anyhow, there’s potential there.


Vogue 1543 by Anne Klein I like, but those pleats in chiffon may be challenging to sew… Vogue 9256 by Kathryn Brenne¬†makes me think of scrubs with a twist, but I like view B of V9263 by Kathryn Brenne. V9252 would be nice in a wax fabric, with the wrong side showing…

What are your picks?


First name: Maraude, last name: Vlisco

April 4, 2017

This is my latest make and there’s not much to say about it, other than I really like it. The fabric is from Vlisco¬†and it was a gift from my¬†uncle while I was visiting him last year. Someone gave him a hot tip, and I suspect my dad. ūüôā The pattern is Aime comme Maraude from the French brand Aime comme Marie.

(c) lin3arossa



What I like especially:


  • the bias finish. There are about 9 meters of bias in this garment. I didn’t find it the least tedious to sew and I think it looks great
  • The big chest pocket I can put my phone into.


What I changed:

  • I skipped the center back seam. I don’t recall if I did it on purpose of I overlooked the indication to cut 2 half-backs. This means that the fabric pattern is unbroken in the back, but I believe a center back seam would give the back a bit more structure, since the jacket is not lined and the seam would be finished with bias.
  • I’m not sure I will add the collar tab and band and if I do, I will certainly not do it as foreseen in the pattern. I will add 3 loops to the undercollar and sew them by hand so that the stitches are not visible on the upper collar, then make a single neck band with D-rings on one end. We’ll see. If I had thought about if early enough, I would have done it while constructing the collar.
  • I made a no-dart FBA, which I could have possibly skipped. The fit is really relaxed.
  • I also understitched a couple of places although not instructed to, e.g. the collar…

As much as I like the final garment, I think a few things may be revisited:

  • there is no technical drawing of the back, not in the pattern and not on the site. Thankfully, there are enough photos of finished garments on the internet. Also, the tech drawing of the front is not consistent: it should show the topstitching around the armscye, similar to that of the hem. It rather visible on finished garment pictures.
  • the grain is not indicated on pattern pieces DEFGH. Ok, these are all “minor” pieces, they are the bands, loops and tabs for the sleeves and back. And it’s pretty obvious how they should be cut if you look at the cutting layout included and with somewhat sewing experience. But still.
  • a list of notions (D-rings, interfacing, etc) is not included in the pattern, although available online.

Nothing major, really. There are also very few markings but they are more than sufficient to construct the jacket successfully and this speaks for a very good drafting.

I could test other patterns of the brand, like aime comme murmure or aime comme majestic. The patterns from the brand are not available as pdf, are only in French, and are not the cheapest, and shipping costs are additional. So we’ll see.

Sale alert

February 13, 2017

The French brand C’est dimanche is taking orders on their sold out patterns until March 15. Technically not a sale since the prices are regular, but possibly a unique occasion to get your hands on these patterns.

The online shop aka schnittmusteronline aka (choose your language) is having a sale on Vogue patterns until March 11, among others. For people on this side of the ocean, a great opportunity to get our hands on these patterns at a great price without the high shipping fees +/- customs fees.

Sewing Goodness Extracts

February 3, 2017

Brilliant Harry Potter family cosplay!

A couple of new bra patterns: the Harriet bra and the esplanade bra. And while I’m at it, this is no new pattern but I just love this Boylston bra. And here, because it’s on topic, the history of the bra.

A quilt-along!¬†Organised by six bloggers, one block a month. It’s in German but a neat idea!

Vogue Patterns Spring 2017

January 9, 2017

This collection strikes me as very formal, at least the designer patterns. Several  are actually simple designs pimped up with cover ups/tunics/jackets:




By the way these two last patterns from Nicola Finetti actually are, if you look at the technical lines, the exact same jumpsuit pattern, with a different tunic/coverup. Really? Really!

All the patterns above  would be easy to dress down by either leaving the cover-up option of choosing different fabrics. The fabric choice alternative also applies to V1534, which would make a nice summer maxi in some cotton fabric(s):


V1535 and V1533 are definitely on the formal side, though:



My winner of this collection is V1531 by Lialia, a new kind of infinity dress:


I love the many options (click on link to see them all).

Sewing Obsessed…

December 30, 2016

…is when you see Vogue patterns looks everywhere. To me it was yesterday during S2E14 of How to Get Away with Murder (apologies for the image quality…):


Of course there are differences (single-button closure, shawl collar, in-seam pockets for V1527 vs. two-button closure, lapel collar and pocket flaps) but the overall look is very similar, and I quite like it. ¬†Oh look, Vogue patterns are on sale till January 2…

Bits and bites

November 25, 2016

I’m member in quite a few online sewing communities, such as Burdastyle, which I have the feeling is slowly dying, My Sewing Circle, PatternReview,¬†Kollabora, which newsletter I like for the featured projects, and lately, the Foldline, which newsletter¬†feature I like the most is the latest pattern releases. They’ve made me discover a number of indie sewing companies. This week, I added Gimlet¬†to my seWant list, and I was going to do the same with the Imagine dress from the new to me French Indi company Louis Antoinette, when I found out that they are giving it away for a limited time, as part of a sewing competition. If you’re interested, follow the link and click on J’y vais in the popup window. I think the dress is really lovely, though it means bra shopping not to spoil that back view.

I also have The last stitch in my blog reader, and she posted about the podcasts¬†she listens to. I don’t listen to podcasts. Well, I used to not listen to podcasts. Here are the ones I listen to now:

  • Clothes making mavens: My favorite right now.
  • Sew forth now: Actually an archive so some of the links listed in the show notes may not work anymore but the interviews are still very interesting to listen to.
  • The wild stitch: not everything they talk about is relevant to me, as they are more directed toward the indie companies, but I still like to listen.
  • The green stitch: Honestly, I haven’t listen to this one yet, but I just heard discovered it through the Sew Forth Now today.It looks like the blogcast is still up but the podcasts are not available anymore.

Do you listen to podcasts? Tell me which ones.

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