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Perth Dress

March 13, 2018

Update: since I first published this post, a table with the finished garment measurements has been made freely viewable in each of the shop listings, as well as on Carolyn’s blog, and the instructions in both the pdf and paper versions of the pattern have been updated to include this information too.

Original review: This is proof that I was *really* excited about Carolyn’s Perth dress pattern release. I bought it immediately, shopped my stash the very same day and proceeded to tape the pdf pattern and cut my fabric. The fabric is a 100% wool lightweight herringbone suiting. It has a rather firm hand and was a small departure from the fabric recommendations on the pattern, which are rather fabrics with drape, but it worked well.



I usually have to make a FBA. There are no hints as to where to cut and slash the pattern for alterations, and the finished measurements are also not given. However, the pattern is not fitted, so I flat measured several time (measure twice, cut once) and took a chance, and it was the right decision. The shoulder seam sits to the front of the shoulder, and there are fold lines under the sleeves, but Carolyn’s dresses look similar, as well as each pattern tester dress I’ve seen so far, so it’s all good. I also noticed that the grain is not indicated on the pattern pieces that are to be cut on the fold. I know that the fold is the grain but I also think this may be irritating for beginner. And I think the pattern is easy enough to be made by beginner seamstresses.

There are two sets of instructions. The first set is very brief, à la StyleArc if you will. The second one is illustrated by Cassie, Carolyn’s daughter and graphic designer, who did a good job. The only detail that bothered me was the missing page numbers. The fact that I noticed it possibly tells more about how chaotic the room gets when I’m sewing than it does on the quality of the pattern. It’s an easy sew and the step that took me the most time was the hand hemming.

I really love the simplicity of the pattern lines, and how the main feature, the pleats, draw attention to the face. The use of a jewelry button emphasizes it and I like it. And I love how the lines of the collar echo that of the pleats. And who doesn’t like a dress with pockets?

I was apprehensive of the fact that the collar would be restricting but it’s not. And I also had the afterthought of using a non-wool fabric for the inner collar stand but it doesn’t itch so apparently I was lucky there as well.

I also like that the construction of the dress allows for the pleats to sit flat if the dress (or top) is stored folded flat and not hanging.

I really like this dress and will probably be making a summer version, maybe in a patterned fabric. I wore it once to the office and got complimented so yeah, success!

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  1. March 15, 2018 02:25

    Your Perth looks really beautiful. I like that the pattern looks simple but at the same time has great features.


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