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Spring Red Jacket

April 6, 2014

I get so many compliments on my Firefighter Red Jacket! And the colour helped me get through the winter. So I decided to make myself a Spring version. I fell in love with Vogue 8932 when it came out. And when I spotted the fabric, it was an instant match in my mind. The fabric is a red/black bouclé ribbed jersey, 90% wool 10% polyester:

$_57 $_572

I decided to make View B with exposed seams and raw edges upon seeing the Y’s by Yohji Yamamoto Chanel Jacket (retail price 366$):


The modifications made were a FBA, standard for me, and learning from my brand new Fit For Real People book and lowered the bust point by an inch. No comment.

I love love love the high-low hem. I love the seam lines. The shoulders seem too large when I tried it on but after looking at the pattern pictures, I think they’re actually meant to be slightly dropped:

One of the issue I had was that the white interfacing was showing when I sew the first, inner hem line. So I had to pull the interfacing from my facing until that first hem line, cut it down to almost the seam line, sew the second, outer hem line, and then cut the facings down to that line. I also did a Hong Kong finish on all inner seams except the armholes. I think it gives some structure to this unlined jacket. This is how it looks from the inside:

The only thing that annoys me is that the reinforcing interfacing applied to reinforce the corners in the back show in the inside:

If anybody has any idea on how to conceal that, please speak up.

I think the jacket looks much better closed than opened, which might also be the reason the Vogue model only shows it closed:

I wasn’t planing on adding snap fasteners but I think I should. What do you think?

PS: if you’re interested in making this jacket, here are a few helpful clues (and a great version of the jacket, though I just noticed her sleeves are set in wrong)…

Sewing Goodness Extract + I’m featured

April 3, 2014

People, I was shocked when I saw my own picture in my blog reader yesterday. That was because Rhonda featured me in her Wednesday Showcase series, which I love to read myself! I might have made a small dance in front of my computer screen yesterday. So welcome if you’re landing here from that post! My name is G and I’m following Ariadne’s thread, just like Theseus and the Minotaur :)

Now the Extracts:


Next post up should be a sewing review.

Pattern Quiz

April 3, 2014

I was actually shooting this pic to document my efforts in a somewhat more creative hairdo, and realized I’m wearing my latest make. Someone want to try and guess which pattern it is? (Hint: I’ve featured it here in a Pattern sighting post)


Vogue’s Summer 2014

March 25, 2014

Is anybody as underwhelmed by the latest release of Vogue patterns as I am? There nothing that makes me go “wow!!” and nothing that makes go “yikes!!”, just a lot of “not bad” and “ok” and some “huh” here and there (for example at the sight of the pocket placement on Claire Schaeffer’s latest Chanel-like jacket). Maybe it’ll grow on me. What do you think of the new patterns?

Pattern Sightings, Sewing Goodness Extracts and Other Random Links

February 25, 2014

No matter if you can’t read French or if there’s no baby to be born soon among your friends and relatives, you have to have a look at this cute handmade item by Anne.

Whether you want to get fabric and patterns in or out of your stash, I’d suggest visiting the Stash Diet Swap.

Who’s perfect, I ask you?

Sewaholic can be considered an established independent pattern line now. I’ve only ever made Pendrell but I like and wear that shirt still. Well Sewaholic has two new patterns out: the Gabriola skirt and the Belcarra blouse*!

You know I’m a big fan of Ana, the creator of the Nougat dress. Well, Stepalica has a new pattern out too, and it’s called the Zlata skirt*. I was looking forward to pattern test it but had to bail out because of lack of time, what with my recent full-time job with the kiddies on the side (or is it the kiddies with the job on the side?). I didn’t want to risk opting in and not be able to finish on time. But I digress. Three variations are included in this pattern, plus a hidden one, since you can also make a skirt from the lining (and quite a nice one at that!). The sew-along will be starting soon. Check it out!

*Disclaimer: I wasn’t paid nor asked to advertise any of these patterns.

Sewing Goodness Extracts, Alabama Chanin Style

February 6, 2014

My respect and admiration go to Marie-Michelle and Carolyn, for their patience. Check out

In unrelated matters, if you are lucky enough to have your own sewing room/corner, these posts from Tasia could be of interest to you…

Sew News Worth a Look

January 29, 2014

If you are in the US, I suggest you grab the February/March issue of SewNews, at it features several read worthy bloggers as contributors:

Go ahead and get it. I would if I could.


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