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Pattern Sighting

December 9, 2014

I read somewhere that consistency is essential to good blogging. If I consistently go into hiatus and then back, does that count? :)
I may not write but I do read a lot. And stumble upon nice new-to-me indie companies, that I thought I’d share:

What sewing-related items are you giving or wishing for this holiday?

Vogue Pattern Winter 2014

October 7, 2014

I feel like Fall has not even arrived yet, yet Vogue had released their Winter collection, silent and quiet (or did anybody have an email advertising it?). My thoughts:

Patterns I like:

V1424 by Rebecca Taylor:

I like the pattern as is but I also think it would be a good starting point to knock off this little Plein number:

V1421 by DKNY just replaced V1408 (also by DKNY) from my wish list. I picture it unlined in neoprene:

V1420 by Anne Klein, perfect for the office:

V1423 by Lorcan Mullany for Bellville Sassoon:




Sewing Goodness Extracts

September 17, 2014

Look at this great dress by Carolyn. Amazing as always.

Also loving this zig-zag zipper dress.

Periodically this retro wrap makes an appearance on my blog roll. I’ll have to have a go at it sometime.

Can’t wait to see which of these 4 designs will get sewn up!

The McCall’s blog is doing a sew-along for V1419! If only I had a suited fabric, I’d jump right in. Also find it funny that they announce it right after the last sale on the McCall’s website. Improvement-worthy marketing strategy, I’d say…

Back to School Outfit

September 11, 2014

When this tutorial popped up a few weeks ago, I was sold. Basically, it was about frankenpatterning like this:






Two patterns I have and have made before? It sounded like a winner. Both patterns are drafted for woven but I had modified the Elodie dress for knits before so I figure I could do the same with Elidondo. So I set myself to work and when almost done, had DM try it on… and she did like it. Nor did I. So bad she refused to have herself photographed in it.  I really don’t know what it was, but I suspect switching to knit and changing the skirt from five to six godets to account for my alternating fabrics was part of it. You can see that the drape is not the same on her skirt as on the tutorial model. Anyway. What was to do? I was not ready to just trash it. Back-to-school day was almost upon us. So I took a deep breath and cut it at waist level, hemmed the top and cut a strip of fabric to make an elastic casing for the bottom – now the skirt- without losing any length. And the results was a happy camper on back to school day *relief*:

Show me the front:


Show me the back:

Now twirl!

That’s what a happy second grader looks like.

Long coming maxi

September 11, 2014
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Is it too late to post about this maxi dress I made this summer? I’ve had this fabric for a long time and I mentally paired it with B5178 almost as soon as I bought it so why did it take so long to finally make it? I don’t know. But I would hate to take equally as long to post about it.

It’s an unspectacular make and I have only one recommendation if you go for this pattern: make the size based on your high bust measurement, without any modification. Of course, that’s not what I did and as you can see, I have to wear a tank underneath. It could also be due to the fact that the fabric has a little more stretch than a moderate stretch knit, without being a slinky or 4-way knit.I probably will alter it before wearing next summer. At any rate, this has been really comfortable to wear on hot summer days.

Now and Then

September 10, 2014
The "now and then" series: the “now” pics are my 2 (almost 3) yo wearing the clothes I made for her now 7 yo sister back then (the "then" pics).

That was then:

This is now:


And the dress she’s wearing underneath is also a “now and then” item from 2009:


This is how DN looks before her cup of coffee in the morning :)

Scuba Dress

September 10, 2014

I got sidetracked. Although V1258 is cut and the Manequim coat is traced and only waiting for the fabric to be pre-treated, this neoprene fabric screamed to be sewn up first and I had to obey :) I made it up into this cute little number, also from Manequim 04/2014:



This is only available in one size and according to the size table, it’s one size smaller than what I would need a basis for a FBA. To account for that, I made my usual FBA alteration (princess seam FBA) and then cut the front and back 1.5 cm away from fold/center back line. I think doing a FBA and cutting only the back 1.5 cm away from CB line would have been enough, but I still like it a lot. I also made a 0.5 cm round shoulder adjustment. The side fabric is a doubleknit fabric, claimed by the seller to be some leftovers of the stuff used to cover car seats, so that I don’t expect it to pill anytime soon. The dress seemed simple enough, but there are a lot of curved seam and seam matching to do. Lucky enough, with my new fork pin needles, the seam matching was a breeze. I would have loved to have in-seam pockets, but didn’t want to risk disrupting the seam matching on the side seams.

This was my first time sewing from Manequim. Finding the pattern pieces on the sheet is the most difficult part of the process. Similar to Burda, the seams are numbered, so that I was able to figure out the order of construction without having to understand the instructions (Eu não falo Português). This pattern was well drafted and all the markings matched.

The exposed zipper in the back is more a design element, this can be put on and off without opening it. I’m not too happy about the pattern repeat in the back but I only noticed it on the picture and I trust that it’s also less obvious IRL than as shown here:

Mine appears to be longer than the one pictured in the magazine, although I did not lengthened it (except for the FBA).

Are you interested in the fabric? Take a look


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