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Snail skirt: Redondo

February 13, 2011

From the designer of the Feliz party dress comes the Redondo skirt. The skirt is named after Redondo Beach in California, and Redondo also means “round” or “circle” in Spanish. This is a panel skirt with the twirling factor maximised through the snail design of the panels. The description states it’s suited for beginners although there’s a LOT of sewing curved seams involved. Admittedly, the design is forgiving and would hide unperfect seams. The hem made me wish I had an overlock to do a rolled hem. It’s approximately 5 meters long (!) and finished with bias instead.

I changed the design from 5 to 6 snail panels because I wanted to alternate two fabrics. I found that by cutting the skirt pieces without vertical seam allowances and sewing them with 1-cm allowances, the measurement of the skirt remain unchanged i.e. no need to adjust the waistband (though it would’ve been easy enough to do). The skirt can be sewn monochromatic or in color and pattern blocking, sweet with ruffles or flounces in the seams or sporty with the seams on the outside. The pattern is available here or here, and here are many more inspiring Redondos.

I’ll post pics of the skirt worn asap.

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