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Surfing on the Californian coast

February 13, 2011

From the designer Nancy Langdon (same as for Feliz, Avalon and Redondo): “Hermosa Beach is a sunny Southern California beach town north of Redondo Beach. Hermosa Beach is just 4 square miles, but contains so much typical for Southern California: Hippies, skaters, millionaires, beach volleyballers, drum circles, artists, con artists and B-list celebrities. Hermosa Beach also has one of the best breaks in the Santa Monica Bay and often surfers find the best waves here. Often, the shirt Hermosa also makes beautiful waves. “Hermosa” means “beautiful” in Spanish: To me, Hermosa is beautiful when worn north of the skirt Redondo. Hermosa can be sewn either as a pullover top or a wrap-around shirt, either with short sleeves or with long original-design trumpet sleeves. A personal favorite of mine is to wear a somewhat shorter short-sleeve Hermosa over a slightly longer long-sleeve Hermosa.”

This is the pullover top variation without sleeve flounces, with the shirt bodice and sleeves in a knit and bodice flounces in cotton. The instructions are fine, except I think the shoulder should be stabilised with interfcing or a piece of cross-grain knit. I also sew the sleeves on the flat instead of setting them in. It was a spontaneous project so I didn’t have any matching trim, unfortunately. After Redondo, I didn’t even have enough bias to hem it.

The pattern is available here and here and here are many other Hermosas.

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