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Asymetrical skirt

September 22, 2009

The fabric is cotton and a gift from my mom. It’s a typical west cameroonian design. I used if on this overall when she was visiting and I could tell she was disappointed to have me “hide” the fabric. How coud she know that I had other -higher- plans for it? And I didn’t want to tell her.

This is my first lined skirt and I’m quite proud of it *tap on shoulder*. Because the fabric is so busy, you can only guess the lines of the skirt. The front and back yoke are asymetrical and 3 panels run diagonally in the front and back. The magazine includes a shorter version but I like this better. Very dramatic when you’re descending stairs or running (if looking for tips on how to look good while trying to catch your bus or subway). I think this pattern is best suited for very airy or somewhat heavy fabrics. It would certainly look different enough in a solid fabric with the panels more apparent. I could see a more formal version in a satin or satin-like fabric. I’m not sure I’ll make another one though. There’s nothing worth mentioning about the construction or the instructions, both are okay. Curtain up:

Look at this beautifully inserted invisible zipper *other tap on shoulder*

There’s a matching jacket in the works…

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  1. September 25, 2009 06:13

    I bet your mom is not disappointed now! You really showcased fabric well, and I bet it looks even better in motion.



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