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Patrones 218 #3 and bwof 3-2007-137A

June 26, 2009

Here’s an overall I made for my nephew. He’s 6-month old at the moment but since he’s quite long and big (20 pounds! and only breastfed!), I made a size 9-month and put an Obelix iron-on appliqué on the bib. My brother told me the other day on the phone it’s still big, which is what I was aiming for. The lining of the upper part and crotch is a fabric I have from my mom with traditional cameroonian motif. She was somewhat disappointed that I only used it as lining but I like having a busy fabric just peeping out of the garment. I still have many yards of the fabric left, which I intend to use for a jacket… for the lining of a jacket. But if have enough left after that, I’ll make a skirt 😀 Enough said, have a look:

Patrones 218-3 frontPatrones 218-3 backLet me tell you, putting those snap fasteners in was no fun. I hope they don’t pop out but I don’t think they will.

The fabric look like denim but it’s really not. It’s some kind of blend and synthetic in part, I think. I bought it 2€/m (i love bargains!) from a seamstress who owns an alteration shop around the corner. It was a big remnant from a customer she tailored something for, who never came to pick it up! She also said she could make buttonholes for me if I’m not satisfied with my machine. Anyway, I also made some pants for my daughter out of this fabric. I think the bwof children pattern are overlooked much too often. This is bwof 03-2007-137A:

bwof 3-2007-137 frontGotta love the arrow details

bwof 3-2007-137 backI think she looks much older when she wears them. If I sew them again, I will use a contrasting topstitching thread. And rivets. In fact, I’m still thinking of adding rivets on this one to make it look more rtw. We’ll see…

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