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First name: Maraude, last name: Vlisco

April 4, 2017

This is my latest make and there’s not much to say about it, other than I really like it. The fabric is from Vlisco and it was a gift from my uncle while I was visiting him last year. Someone gave him a hot tip, and I suspect my dad. 🙂 The pattern is Aime comme Maraude from the French brand Aime comme Marie.

(c) lin3arossa



What I like especially:


  • the bias finish. There are about 9 meters of bias in this garment. I didn’t find it the least tedious to sew and I think it looks great
  • The big chest pocket I can put my phone into.


What I changed:

  • I skipped the center back seam. I don’t recall if I did it on purpose of I overlooked the indication to cut 2 half-backs. This means that the fabric pattern is unbroken in the back, but I believe a center back seam would give the back a bit more structure, since the jacket is not lined and the seam would be finished with bias.
  • I’m not sure I will add the collar tab and band and if I do, I will certainly not do it as foreseen in the pattern. I will add 3 loops to the undercollar and sew them by hand so that the stitches are not visible on the upper collar, then make a single neck band with D-rings on one end. We’ll see. If I had thought about if early enough, I would have done it while constructing the collar.
  • I made a no-dart FBA, which I could have possibly skipped. The fit is really relaxed.
  • I also understitched a couple of places although not instructed to, e.g. the collar…

As much as I like the final garment, I think a few things may be revisited:

  • there is no technical drawing of the back, not in the pattern and not on the site. Thankfully, there are enough photos of finished garments on the internet. Also, the tech drawing of the front is not consistent: it should show the topstitching around the armscye, similar to that of the hem. It rather visible on finished garment pictures.
  • the grain is not indicated on pattern pieces DEFGH. Ok, these are all “minor” pieces, they are the bands, loops and tabs for the sleeves and back. And it’s pretty obvious how they should be cut if you look at the cutting layout included and with somewhat sewing experience. But still.
  • a list of notions (D-rings, interfacing, etc) is not included in the pattern, although available online.

Nothing major, really. There are also very few markings but they are more than sufficient to construct the jacket successfully and this speaks for a very good drafting.

I could test other patterns of the brand, like aime comme murmure or aime comme majestic. The patterns from the brand are not available as pdf, are only in French, and are not the cheapest, and shipping costs are additional. So we’ll see.

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  1. sewbussted permalink
    April 4, 2017 21:31

    Super cute!!! Isn’t it funny how we now think about a place for our phones?!!


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