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Fold Away – Origami Depth

May 6, 2016

Shortly after I put Pattern Magic 3 on my wishlist, Origami Depth was announced. I love origami in clothing. Plus Pattern Magic 3 did not seem aimed at producing wearable garments, so the dilemma did not last long: I preordered Origami Depth, which was delivered a couple of weeks ago.


The book has ten chapters. It’s spiral bound, which I think is practical since it can be laid open flat as a reference in the drafting process. The pages are of glossy quality with some text, many photos and 2 DVDs. It’s not a must-have in my opinion, considering the number of videos from the author that are out there. It does give useful tips for the drafing processes that are depicted, however, it doesn’t give any more sewing or construction tips than the videos that can be found online. But it’s a nice book to have. To be contemplating and dreaming away about the possibilities…

Makes me want to revisit the bamboo shoot top or do something else altogether…

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  1. zilredloh permalink
    May 6, 2016 16:10

    Oh…. how neat. Thanks so much for sharing.


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