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Vogue Patterns Summer 2016

March 9, 2016

Thank El nino, we haven’t had a real winter this year, but I’m still ready for summer, so is Vogue, it seems. I’m a little worried that there is no DK pattern in this release and hope that she has not ended her collaboration with Vogue patterns…?

Although nothing swept me off my feet, there’s a lot to like about this collection. But I’ll begin with the patterns that got me scratching my head:

V9186 by Kathryn Brenne:

V9186, Misses' Stand-up Collar, Diagonal Waist-Detail Dresses

Never a good sign when the model hides a main feature of the garment, like this hand on that elasticized waist. The other featured version ist from a checkered fabric, where same feature is less noticeable. I can’t imagine whom this feature would be flattering on. I beg to be proven wrong.

V1501 by Rachel Comey:

V1501, Misses' Mock-Tuck Pleated Dress

Dress that’s to look like a tucked-in shirt. I actually like the idea. Not sold on the length of the skirt, nor on the rather high waist. And when I read, “Sleeveless dress has shoulder pads”, that was it for me.

The ones I’m not sure are a hit or a miss, kind of the feeling I had when the Cirque dress (V9112 by Marcy Tilton) was released, which turned out to be a hit.


V9185, Misses' Diagonal-Overlay Top, Dresses and Straight-Leg Pants

I can see that it’s supposed to look like a sari, but I’m not sure it works.

V9193 by Marcy Tilton:

V9193, Misses' Sleeveless or Dolman Sleeve Tunics, and Pants with Yoke

Yes, she did it again. I’m strangely attracted to this top. Actually, I think this outfit really works, in a “chic artsy” way. What do you think?

V1496 Today’s Fit by Sandra Betzina:

V1496, Misses' V-Neck Cocoon Dresses

Line Art

This looks like it could be a nice beach cover up, and possibly be worn front to back as well.

Here are the patterns I definitely like:



V1506 by Tom and Linda Platt, thank God for shapewear 🙂 :

V1506, Misses' Sleeveless Wide-Leg Jumpsuit

V1498 by Nicola Finetti, might as well use that shapewear for several garments 🙂 :

V1498, Misses' Criss-Cross Strap Dress

V1509 by Anne Klein, who always supplies nice shirts:

V1509, Misses' Banded Tunic with Yoke and Tapered Pants


V9192, Misses' Wrap-Top Bikini, One-Piece Swimsuits, and Cover-Ups

V1502 by Tracy Reese, dress with beach cover-up potential:

V1502, Misses' Dress with Back-V, Inset and Ties

V1497 by Tracy Reese, who always supplies nice dresses:

V1497, Misses' Pleated Dress with  Sweetheart-Neckline

What do you think of this collection?

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  1. sewbussted permalink
    March 9, 2016 21:33

    I like the Sandra Betzina pattern and that bathing suit pattern is fabulous. I just want to feel like I did some years ago, super excited. For the most part, the patterns leave me feeling, well, not much 😦


  2. March 21, 2016 20:39

    Yes….my thoughts exactly on Marcy’s newest release. It could have been just a baggy top and trousers, but somehow it ends up looking so much more in all kinds of good ways. I was tempted to buy the pattern, but not sure if the volume would be too much for my size.

    Overall, my emotions match sewbussted. Years, and years, ago I couldn’t wait for the new releases…the Perry Ellis, the Issey’s and more. I guess it just means we need to be a little more creative with our edits.



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