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Vogue Patterns Fall 2015

July 12, 2015

It feels wrong to be looking at Fall patterns in this weather, doesn’t it?

I’m partial and always look at the DonnaKaran/DKNY patterns first.

I’m not too fond of the skirt of V1466 because of the length, but I like the jacket:

The other jacket by DonnaKaran, V1465, is somewhat reminiscent of V1440, but what I like is the DK-typical “no side seams” skirt, though due to Vogue’s fabric choice, this is only visible on the tech drawing:



There’s also V1462, a DKNY blouse (and top). But honestly, no one does blouses like Anne Klein, although I won’t be getting V1463:

V1462 V1463

V1467 by Anne Klein, however, is on my wish list:

Also in the sailor style, I’m on the fence regarding V1464 by Sandra Betzina, maybe because Ana set too high a standard with her own sailor pants:


There’s usually at least one interesting design by Ralph Rucci and since V1458 is the only one this time around, it had to be interesting:

I know it feels like the fall will never come back but what do you think about this release?

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  1. July 12, 2015 18:17

    I’m underwhelmed so far. The first jacket is the most interesting.


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