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Wax Paperbag Skirt

May 15, 2015

I got to visit my grand-mother in April. Yes, my grand-ma is still alive. She’s probably older than 90 years old and let me tell you that she is more lucid than some people I know who are almost 30 years younger. She was happy to see her great grand daughters, so she picked a piece of fabric out of her stash and gave it to me, with the mission to have a garment sewn for each of her great grand-daughters (5 of them). For my daughters, I had dresses hand-made before we left. They got to pick the models themselves. The street tailors are so impressive in Cameroon. We picked the dresses from a catalog, she took like 5 measurements from my daughters, and within a couple of days, with 5 measurements and based on a sole picture i.e. without a pattern, this is what she came up with, for approximately 25€, a ridiculous prize:

I took the fabric remnant with me, knowing that within a couple of weeks, my two girls would be visiting one of their cousin aka one my nieces aka one of my grandma’s great grand daughters. Are you still with me? I haven’t seen my niece in a long time and I had little time for sewing so I had to find a pattern that could fit a range of sizes and would be fast to make up. The Feather skirt from Ottobre 3/2014, basically a paper bag skirt, qualified:

This is my version, a size 140 for an 8 year-old:

The front and back are basically two pleated squares with a casing sewn on and bands inserted. The contrast fabric is a Joel Dewberry cotton, I used the remnants for my Petal Sleeve Wrap Blouse. I made a scalloped hem and cut extra big side seam allowances, so the skirt could be adjusted if too small (I know her mom has a sewing machine) but this is what it looked like right out of my daughters’ luggage:

I had to cut her head off the picture so you’ll just have to believe me when I tell you that she is brightly smiling. Mission accomplished!

Well, not quite. It’s 3 down, 2 to go, but since my sis is now sewing a bit, I’ll just give her the remaining piece of fabric and let her go to work 🙂

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