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Decisions Decisions – Poll Post

August 5, 2014

I need help. There are two polls in this post, to help me solve my dilemmas.

Dilemma 1:

The fabric:

1100% wool
The right side is the second picture, the classical houndstooth is actually the wrong side! The weaving is apparent on both sides, almost like a bouclé. It could be enough for a coat and a Chanel-like jacket (Vogue 8804?) too! But I digress. My dilemma is that I would like to use it in a pattern that features both sides, but I don’t think this fabric should be sewn up unlined: this weave may need stabilising. What do you think?

The patterns I’m considering:

Tamanegi-Kobo’s Rebecca:

Unlined, but wrong side would show.

Vogue 1320 by Issey Miyake:

Lined. Plus: I had actually bought another fabric (also wool, but green) for this pattern.

This little number from Manequim May 2014:

Don’t hesitate to comment to tell me which side of the fabric you’d use and/or how you would feature both sides of the fabric with your chosen pattern.


Dilemma 2:

The fabric:




Viscose (Rayon) knit

Patterns considered:

a remake of Vogue 1258 by Vena Cava (see the muslin and previous version):


a remake of Vogue 1159 by DonnaKaran (current version):


I love my previous make of both of these dresses and I would try, in a second version, to alter any of them to achieve more coverage. To be honest I’m leaning toward V1258 because the fabric is somewhat (but only somewhat) heavier than what I made both these dress in the past, and I think V1258 would adapt better to that. Please weigh in nonetheless 🙂

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  1. August 5, 2014 20:01

    Broken links! Sad! I come back to check later


    • August 5, 2014 22:19

      That’s weird! I reloaded those pics and they should show up now… G

      Envoyé de mon iPad



  2. August 5, 2014 22:33

    Regarding dilemma 1, Another option would be a tailored coat or jacket with lapels (or any other kind of coat/jacket that shows the facings as contrast) and I’d use the wrong side of the fabric on the facings, upper collar and pocket flaps :).



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