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Vogue Patterns Fall 2014

July 15, 2014

It’s 27 Celsius in Hamburg today so it feels somewhat weird to talk about Fall patterns. But Vogue did such a good job this time, I didn’t want to wait.

Up there in the category “sleeves out of control“, along with Vogue 1324 (evidence 1) and Vogue 8718 (evidence 2), Vogue 1416 by Guy Laroche:

Really, I like where these sleeves where going but I think they overshoot the mark.

In the category “I look like I’m wearing my daughter’s garment“, Vogue 1404 by Ralph Rucci:

Don’t get me wrong. This pattern is appealling to me, just like all of Ralph Rucci’s because they are full of details and techniques I’d die to try my hand at and I doubt I’ll ever come across in patterns from any other. This one is no exception. I just think the shape of this dress is not suited to my figure, and that I’d look like trying to not look my age, even after extensive alterations (FBA, lengthening,…).

I tend to want to put Vogue 1408 by DonnaKaran in this category as well, though I’m seeing more potential here:

In the “Maybe” category, Vogue 1409 by DonnaKaran, the big sister of Vogue 1408:

Yes, but not with long sleeves (maybe 3/4) and definitely not in velvet.

In the “Staple potential” category:

Vogue 1412 by Rebecca Taylor. Another nice top design, following Vogue 1387:

And also Vogue 1406 by Rachel Comey, reminiscent of Vogue 1314 by Tracy Reese to me:


Vogue 1405 by Tracy Reese:

In the “deja vu” category:

Vogue 1411 by Sandra Betzina, which makes me think of a tamed down Vogue 1378 by DonnaKaran:

Vogue 1419 by Ralph Rucci, similar silhouette to Vogue 1239 also by Ralph Rucci. I will get my hands on this pattern. Lots of luscious details, and I’m curious about the finishing because this is unlined:

Other patterns in the “I like” category:

Vogue 1413 by Mizono:

Vogue 14 15 by Tom and Linda Platt:

Vogue 1417 by Donna Karan, more for the very on-trend pants than for the top:

Vogue 1407 by DKNY:

Vogue 9024:

What’s your take on this collection?


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  1. laetitia permalink
    July 15, 2014 10:45

    Toujours passionnée de couture à ce que je vois! Sinon, fais un petit tour sur FB, j’y ai mis quelques nouvelles….


  2. July 16, 2014 08:04

    It’s the best Vogue collection for years. I like a lot of the same ones you do, especially the Rucci coat.


    • July 16, 2014 12:06

      Imagine wearing the coat with the dress thereunder.


  3. July 24, 2014 10:31

    Ich mag den Schnitt von Vogue 1408 by DonnaKaran – der ist einfach super schön, hier könnte man auch mit Ledereinsätzen oder anderen Material arbeiten. Vielleicht wird das der erste Schnitt den ich von Vogue kaufe. Danke für die Vorschau! LG Anita


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