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Vogue Patterns Winter/Holiday 2013 Release

October 29, 2013

I can@t pinpoint why this released has got me excited like Vogue patterns hasn’t been able to do in a while. Is it the fact that the patterns and the fabric choices are resolutely festive without being formal? Or maybe the fact that one has the feeling that the designers at Vogue have been watching the looks on the runway very closely this time (if you haven’t, you definitely want to have a look at Toy’s blog!)? First the winners. These 5 made it straight to my wish list:

Vogue 1370 by Kay Unger:


Vogue 1378 by DonnaKaran:


Vogue 8947 Custom Fit:


All the patterns above have design lines that allow a play with colors (though color-blocking is so last season :)) or fabrics and textures (lace, leather, …). But I’m not sure that these design lines make adjusting these patterns easier…


Vogue 8955:


You think it’s a high-waist maxi skirt? Wrong! It’s pants! Look:


Me lovey!

Now on to Vogue 8946:


The fabric is quite distracting here, so let’s have a look at the pattern drawing:


Makes me think about this other dress from Burda (from May 2008! shown by Her Honor the Selfish Seamstress) except that Burda’s is for woven while Vogue’s is for knits:


Now in the nay category:

this top and skirt combination by Guy Laroche, Vogue 1372:


I’m in awe. I can’t understand how this and sexy Vogue 2899 can be born from the same mind.


And then this dress from Tom and Linda Platt, Vogue 1373:


Is it me or does something about the hanging seam on the picture above seem wrong? In any case, it doesn’t live up to its forerunner from Oscar de la Renta from the 90s:




Of course, between the winners and the “nay”, there’s a whole range.

What do you think about the newly released Vogue patterns?

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  1. October 30, 2013 00:43

    Somewhere between sexy and modest? I do appreciate your calling back previous designs to contrast with ‘new’ stuff. Is anything ever new? Why is there air? Ah, autumn makes me philosophical.

    I have this theory about any dress will look good on a good looking woman (usually a girl-age woman) but in this case, I rescind that.


  2. adriennenixon permalink
    October 30, 2013 01:21

    They had a couple pieces I can’t wait to get my hands on.


  3. October 30, 2013 13:45

    Great picks, I love the reference for the 1373 vs the Oscar de Renta.


  4. November 12, 2013 17:54

    That 1372 pattern can’t be good for anyone. I mean, that woman is a model. She is probably 6 feet tall and 122 lbs. Goodness gracious. LOL!

    I love the Donna Karan pattern and have it at home, pattern pieces cut (roughly) and ready to iron. I plan on making the top in an olive drab green jersey and the pants in black ponte. I am ecstatic over that pattern.

    The high waisted pants? SWOON. Seriously. That looks amazing. And the classic white button down shirt just elevates it. Oooh I could see them paired with winter white or a champagne colored blouse as well. Ahhhhh.

    And yes, I wonder whose bright idea it was to use theee busiest fabric ever with a dress with all those tucks and pleats and what not. Good grief.


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