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Please Repeat After Me: Cancer SUCKS

September 24, 2013

While I’ve been following my blog roll, I haven’t sewn nor posted in a while. Maybe that’ll change, maybe not. Right now, the project I’m planning is this knitting pattern by Ysolda Teague in a still-to-be-found luxe yarn (Kashmir or the like):

Though fall is upon us, I won’t be knitting this for me, but for my mom, who’s been diagnosed with breast cancer and will probably lose all hair in the next month or so. Unlike Kristin‘s mom, mine lives in a third-world country, in which health screening measures do not exist. Everyone does what they can depending on what they can afford and what’s available. So my mom’s cancer wasn’t diagnosed at an early stage, she only underwent an examination because she’d felt a lump in her breast. Lucky she’s been performing breast self exams regularly for decades. She’s now undergoing chemotherapy in Canada.

I’m a pharmacist and I’m approaching the situation as such for the moment, trying to assist her from afar in all medical matters. But I also spent some of my youth in Cameroon, where death is a sad matter, yes, but also a natural part of life, at least for grown-ups, and that gives me some serenity regarding the fact that cancer is a disease that is not always healed, although I’m hoping for the better outcome.

If you read this, chances are high you live in a developed country. Take advantage of the health measured offered to you wherever you live. Do yearly check-ups. Go to whatever regular screening depending on your age and risk factors. For my part, I had my blood glucose checked in the last week (my mom also has diabetes, like her sis and dad before her) and will be seeing my gyn in the next weeks. When is your next appointment?

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  1. September 24, 2013 11:43

    Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear that. My dad died from Cancer in 2007, so I know how stressful it is on the family. On the plus side, it is possible to beat Breast Cancer. So we have to pray for that. My thoughts with you and your family as you go through this.


    • September 24, 2013 11:50

      Hi Dibs,
      what cancer did your dad have?
      Ii know it is possible to beat breast cancer, but I’m trying to stay realistic as, like I wrote, my mom’s is not at an early stage (we don’t know if stage 3/4 of 4/4 yet). We (well, especially my mom) can use the good vibes so keep sending them…


  2. September 24, 2013 11:54

    I am sorry to hear about your mom.


  3. September 24, 2013 12:45

    My mom was diagnosed with Stage 4 and fought hard, but they found it too late. I liked this post because it is true that you must get checked and living in countries with better healthcare is a blessing that you should take advantage of! My prayers are with you and your mom!


    • September 24, 2013 12:55

      I’m sorry for the loss of your mom. We don’t know yet if she’s stage 3 or 4. We’ll see what life has in store. Thank you for your good vibes/prayers.


  4. September 24, 2013 15:39

    oh no. that sucks, i am really sorry to hear that. all the best to your family and i hope she beat it soon! my thoughts are with you and your family!


  5. September 24, 2013 17:55

    That cancer, it comes for so many moms. I miss mine. Love yours up every day, kids.
    As to the hat, it comes together quick, but try a light yarn, as it knits up HEAVY. Would not stay on my hairless pal’s head, although she uses it as a handwarmer.


    • September 25, 2013 10:01

      Thanks for the tip! Would you recommend another pattern, then?


  6. Rose in SV permalink
    September 25, 2013 06:01

    I’m sorry to hear about your mother–my thoughts are with you and your family. And yes, I will call tomorrow to make my annual appointment with my doctor.


    • September 25, 2013 09:58

      Thank you. Then it was worth writing this post.


  7. Laetitia permalink
    September 25, 2013 06:49

    Je suis sincèrement désolée pour ta maman et comme beaucoup de tes amies que j’ai pu lire ici, j’ai été touchée par cette maladie de façon indirecte puisque ma maman en est décédée en 1998. Heureusement depuis lors de gros progrès ont été réalisés, mais comme tu le dis si justement, toute la planète n’a pas le même accès à la prévention et aux soins. Je suis contente que ta maman puisse se faire soigner au Canada. Bon courage à toutes les deux car cette fichue maladie affecte aussi l’entourage. Bisous.


    • September 25, 2013 10:00

      Ah je ne savais pas pour ta maman, Laeti. Je suis desolee. On verra ce que l’avenir nous reserve… Bises


  8. September 26, 2013 16:43

    So sad to hear this… I hope the chemotherapy will help her heal.


  9. wildlycraving permalink
    October 15, 2013 16:43

    I knitted this for my bff, who had ovarian cancer. Twice. One was too warm inside (merino wool, pricy from the LYS)but perfect for outdoor wearing and once for indoor wear (Malabrigo silk / merino mix).

    Pattern is very easy, free, very fast so you can focus on other things. Also BFF told me that the forehead and scalp skin was very tender, so any tension on the forehead, like the band around the pattern you’ve chosen, would have been a problem… too tender for any pressure whatsoever.

    Best of luck and positive vibes to your mum.



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