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Vogue Fall 2013 Release

August 14, 2013

Vogue Patterns released their Fall 2013 collection while I was on holiday so here’s my belated review. There are three categories in there for me:

  • the ones that made it to the wish list
  • the ones that make me go “whoa” because technically or visually appealing, although I doubt I’d wear them or they’d suit me
  • the “what were they thinking?” ones

The ones now on my wish list:

Very Easy Vogue 8918, but in one fabric all-around and with the short sleeves of view A:

Vogue Easy Options 8923, a nice take on the shift dress:

Vogue 8904 by Marcy Tilton:

Made it to my wish list after seeing gorgeous versions of (like here or there and many others on PatternReview)

Love the seaming on Vogue 8932:


Here are the ones that make me go “whoa” though they won’t make it to my cart:

Vogue 1361 by Donna Karan, the sculpted dress:

I really like but I like the short-sleeved, more classical garment much better (retail price: 1960€):


Vogue 1362 by Bellville Sassoon:

Somewhat reminiscent of Vogue 1340 by Pamella Roland, don’t you think?


The “What were they thinking?” category:

Vogue 8938 5 easy pieces, not so much the pattern as the harlequin styling:

Vogue Easy Options 8928:

Toy says it’s a new trend but to me this skirt is too reminiscent of the Angelina Jolie leg story. How do you sit in such a skirt?


Vogue 1358 by Anne Klein:

This is just too much ruffle and volume. It will engulf the petites and unflatteringly emphasize all the others, IMO. I much prefer Vogue 8827:



How did you like this collection?

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  1. August 14, 2013 21:41

    I’m not buying Vogue this season, but share the spirit of your picks, 8932 interesting and wearable, DK and BS interesting, thumbs down here too for the flounces, drafty skirt and whatever that black and white act of designer desperation is.


  2. August 15, 2013 09:23

    I was disappointed this time around, but I agree with your top picks. I hadn’t seen the short-sleeved version of the Donna Karan before. Nicer, but even less practical!


  3. August 17, 2013 07:32

    Hi Ghainskom, I’d like to send you my first pattern for the Nougat dress. If you’re interested in it, please email me at anajan.stepalica[at]gmail[dot]com.


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