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Food for Your Mojo

November 13, 2012

While picking my design for the PM challenge, I stumbled on many interesting posts. I thought I’d share the inspiration.

For those who want to keep rocking the peplum trend but are not interested in the bamboo shoot, why not try a hide and seek/kakurenbo peplum? Or why not a pinafore? Have a look at Sophie’s first try and thoughts on the design, get some construction tips from this finished and awarded version.

Here’s the original hide and seek/kakurenbo design:

Also, do you know Milka Quin? No? I discovered her back in 2008 when I became a member of Burdastyle and this year, she went on to win Philippines’ Project Runway. She mastered PM early on. Look at this, published in 2010:

Which evolved into this in 2011:

This dress has an elaborate foundation on the inside.

Here’s her interpretation of the “Wearing a balloon” design, from her Project Runway collection:


Here’s the original design:

She played with pintucks, I guess one could use the design to play with the colors (colour-blocking anyone?) or that it would be possible to even use different fabrics (jersey vs. woven, woven vs. leather, lace vs. woven). A great use of Tomoko Nakamichi’s idea by a talented designer, that’s for sure.

Inspired? Now go out there and do some magic.

Edited to add:

Milka is not the only Project Runway designer doint Pattern Magic in her finale collection. Look a this design from Andy South of Project Runway Season 8 finale:

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  1. November 13, 2012 00:19

    Oh, she’s been feeding my mojo for quite awhile. I love Mika’s work, it’s so simplified yet very effective.


  2. November 13, 2012 12:17

    Very cool!!


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