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To All Pattern Addicts Out There

October 24, 2012

Well especially for those outside the US, independent pattern companies seem to become aware that we’re not keen on letting almost as much money go on shipping expenses as we do on patterns. I’m not trying to downplay the time and effort it takes to pack and send all these parcels for the owners of such companies. But I can’t help but feel a twinge when having to let 10$ go for shipping of a single pattern, which is why I almost always wait for sales and then try to get as many patterns as possible at once. That’s one of the reasons I trace all my paper patterns. That’s also one of the reason I have yet to order a pattern from StyleARC. I mean: 20 AUD $ shipping and handling for a AUD $20-pattern? I know Australia is far away but if I have to start thinking about what I could get for one of my children for that money, then I cannot reconcile with spending that money. So I’m really grateful that some of the pattern companies try to save themselves the effort and myself some money by making their products available as pdf. Believe me: when you’re on a tight budget, you don’t mind the printing, cutting and taping of the sheets of paper. Anyways, after Oliver and S, Colette patterns is now diving in, and I wish many more will follow (Tasia, are you reading this? 🙂 ).

Other pdf pattern surces: Burdastyle, Tamanegi-Kobo, Onion, Modern Sewing Patterns

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  1. October 24, 2012 15:23

    I agree with you completely. I have very few independent pattern co purchases. It’s a bit easier, in my opinion, to get someone in the US to buy Big 4 patterns during sales and then either use the mule system (ie my patterns hitch a ride in some friend/relative’s suitcase) or paying the international postage to get my hands on them than it is to justify high shipping costs for patterns that are already expensive. I also trace everything because getting my patterns is, as I said, expensive and/or complicated. And, like you, I am VERY happy to see more and more PDFs coming out. I have been waiting for MONTHS for Colette to convert her entire line to PDF before I go crazy (Thanksgiving or Christmas, I imagine). There are often threads on PR debating pdf vs pattern paper, tracing vs cutting. Most US members, it seems, just cut into the pattern paper or tape together the print out sheets. But most of these members also seem to have easy access to chain stores and 99c pattern sales. That is not the case for me. As I was raised on Burda, tracing is normal. I trace everything. Even PDFs. 20lb bond paper taped together sounds like insanity to me. Unless you are using weights and a rotary cutter, how do you comfortably pin such a thing to fabric??? No, there you have it. Getting patterns is complicated and expensive, and for various reasons, tracing makes more sense, so I love the concept of PDF print-at-home patterns.


    • October 24, 2012 15:26

      I knew I should have checked out the links first, only just clicked over to Colette patterns and they have 10 of their patterns in PDF now, *happy dance*


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