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Go West

September 17, 2012

I was watching a reportage on tv a few weeks ago, revealing that Qatar (or was it Sri Lanka?) is where most of the lingerie sold in Europe is being made, showing under what conditions the workers did their job (everything nice there, no tales of locked basement or the like). What striked me is that a single bra takes approximately 20 minutes to make. 20 minutes! “How could you beat that?”, I thought. “Better give up making your own, girl, you’ll never get to that level”. But then I remembered that the speediness of it was not what brought me to sewing at least some of my clothes in the first place. It’s having something unique, for a fraction of what this unique character would cost me in retail shops.

A few days later, Renee wrote that anybody wanting to save money by sewing their own clothing should focus on making their own coats, swimwear and lingerie. A couple of weeks ago I discovered Make Bra and yesterday, I read the review of Bare Essentials Bras over on The Perfect Nose. So it’s no wonder I’m now itching to turn my back on the Orient and try and sew a bra. Do you have experience with it? If so, please speak up! How long does it really take? Could you achieve a nice fit? And if you share your favorite online retailers for underwear notions, I’d be grateful…

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  1. September 17, 2012 11:48

    Haven’t made any lingeir yet but I did pick up a bra kit from eLingeria which seems like good quality, a Maerkwaerdig bra kit (very nice stuff totally wanna sew that up and her bra/ undy patterns have good reviews online) and a PinupGirls pattern not recommending the PGP-I was annoyed by the fact that some measurements were Metric while others, including the seam allowances, were Imperial with no conversion provided (their suggestion: use a 1/4th inch presser foot-well I couldn’t find one that worked for knits i.e. with stretch/ lightning stich). Hopefully I’ll be able to use the mid-semester break for drafting up a good pattern from the bare essentials book and testing that out.. I’ll update you on the progress =D


  2. September 17, 2012 11:54

    I don’t have any experience sewing bras, although I have recently bought a couple of bra patterns to try out. You should have a look at Sigrid’s blog. She sews bras alot.


  3. September 19, 2012 23:46

    I think my first one took me about 2 hours, there was lots of pottering around and foot dragging and photography involved. I think once I get a system down, 20 minutes is reasonable. Does that include cutting? Make it 25-30 minutes… Maybe…

    Will be really interested to see how your bra-making adventures turn out! 😀



  1. Look Ma! I made a bra! | Lin3arossa

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