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Life happens

July 21, 2011

This is one of the several reasons for the lack of sewing activity at the moment:

This is a glimpse in my office.  And the sign on the door says: “This office is still occupied. Do not clear.” You can’t see it but I’ve already taken down all pictures and brought other personal belongings home, except my Ficus. Did you guess? Maybe you remember this post? My company is closing down and I’m one of the last 8 employees (out of more than 40) responsible for clearing the place the proper way. Finish up any open projects, trying to  reassure the (former) customers that all documentation is archived as it should and making sure it is, telling the movers hired by the insolvency administrator/liquidator when to move what, answering the phone and sorting the mail, among others. It is more exhausting than one would expect. I’ve gone from Project manager to Project manager/Secretary/Janitor. Fortunately, this will all be over by the end of August. At the latest.

Don’t be too sorry for me, though, because the next short holiday is coming : this is were DD and I will be by the middle of next week, visiting friends:

Cap-Ferret, France (Picture from Wikipedia)

Plus, I’m healthy and so far, baby seems to be too. What could be more important?

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  1. laetitia permalink
    July 22, 2011 09:40

    Jolie perspective de vacances! Et puis, tu as raison, la santé de la famille avant tout.
    Je suis sûre que tu retrouveras bien vite du travail. En attendant, vive les vacances et le congé mat!


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