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Drape drape flower top

May 21, 2011

Since I sorted my knits I’ve been having this fabric at Kumash Stoffe last year during my short trip in Berlin in mind. I got it because of the oversized flowers and knew I wanted to use a pattern with as few seams as possible. This drape drape top cut all in one piece couldn’t qualify better, and although the flowers do get a bit lost in the drape, I’m happy. This top fulfills the criteria I set for myself this summer i.e. pregnant-friendly and post-partum-friendly (in this case, next summer) and/or nursing-friendly.

Thinking I knew by now how to adapt a Japanese pattern to my not so Japanese figure I confidently cut a size L, did a cheater FBA and totally did not pay attention to the hip measurement. Big mistake. There were a good 10 cm (4 inches) missing for the top to encircle my hips so I had to improvise: I cut an inset out of the fabric remnants and because I really didn’t have that much left, it had to be on the cross-grain. I then inserted it to the only side seam at the non-drapey side. It made the hem a bit more asymetric than on the original design and I decided to let it that way. The inset is visible on the side and inside pics:

I’m of sure these are deviations from the instructions since I don’t read Japanese, but I used interfacing on the neck- and armholes and stabilized the shoulders with scraps of cross-grain fashion fabric. I also used pre-folded bias for the armholes, instead of self-fabric bands. This is a quick and easy project I can only recommend.

If you’re looking for Japanese sewing books, I highly recommend yesasia.

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