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Nobody is prophet in his own country

February 11, 2011

You might have noticed that after being unusually productive in January, it’s been very calm since the beginning of February. My sewing mojo leaving is due to a remark from someone from my own household (!) suggesting they didn’t hold too much of my sewing abilities. It made me wonder if this was true and if most of my self-made garments are ill-fitted, or if said person was negatively biased by knowing that I make some of what I wear. We sewers know that at least the intent of making our own clothes is to have them fit and look better than RTW but I believe at least some other people think nothing a self-taught hobby sewer makes will ever be quite as good as RTW. Because, you know, RTW comes from the shop! Fortunately, I also got plenty of flattering remarks on my overall look in general and on my clothing (and lately make-up!) in particular, from fellow bloggers and non co-workers since (I admit at least one of them recently got hired and might just feel the need to compliment his new co-workers to fit in. Time will show…). In any way, it reminded myself that sewing is my hobby and that the activity in itself and the garment that are produced thereby do not have to please anybody else than myself. So where’s my sewing machine at?

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  1. February 11, 2011 14:31

    That’s a mean thing to say and a sad thing to hear, IMO. I haven’t been following your blog that long, but from what I’ve seen you make very nice things. Regardless, a remark like that usually isn’t about your sewing (or whatever) but something else entirely – jealousy of your skill? Jealousy of the time you spend on sewing? I hope you feel better soon and get back to sewing.


    • February 11, 2011 15:26

      Thank you for your kind words! You might have a point about the remark being about something else than the actual sewing…


  2. Serenity permalink
    February 11, 2011 17:44

    Screw them! Let them try to sew something from scratch and see how well they do. I absolutely hate people that call home sewn garments, homemade. Like there is something wrong with that. Like it’s something they can do. Like it’s easy. They will need you before you need them.

    I made all the drapes in my living room and always receive high praise on how well everything goes together. I volunteered to sew some drapes for a close friend of mine. She’d have to be close because I don’t sew for other people. It’s a long story why…. Anywho… She said. “No thank you. I don’t want homemade drapes.” Cool. But when she found out how much it was going to cost for someone else to make or for her to buy drapes (that wouldn’t quite fit because of the oddness of her windows, she ran back to me and begged me to make them. Unfortunately I was otherwise engaged….



  3. February 11, 2011 19:52

    Oh wow… I’m visiting your blog for a little while now and rest assured…. it is not only a mean thing to say, but simply wrong! And I completely second Uta, there is a big heap of jealousy speaking. Just remember, somebody who really knows you, loves you, appreciates you, is your friend, etc. would never say a thing like that.


  4. February 15, 2011 12:42

    I agree with the other comments, yes, it’s certainly just jealousy about how you want to spend your time. I love your grown-up and kids sewing projects, don’t let one person stop you! And finally it’s for you – the process of making something is challenging and satisfying, and the compliments from colleagues and strangers are just icing on the cake.


  5. visitor permalink
    February 16, 2011 14:55

    I’ve arrived here from another blog. No one likes criticism. Whether or not it was valid is hard to say. I once looked up articles on issues that make a garment look homemade. The problems were poor fit and odd choice of fabrics, among other things.


    • February 16, 2011 15:09

      I don’t have anything about criticism as long as it’s constructive. I’d rather hear a “that blue top you made looks too big on you” than a “I don’t think you can sew” or a “your self-made clothes look bad”. You know what I mean?


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