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Pattern magic – take 1

January 28, 2011

In the pattern magic books, most designs will require to draft a sloper, but not all. The one I chose for warm-up is, of course, one that doesn’t. It’s a kind of a one-size-fits-all twisted knit shirt/sweater. The drafting took one hour tops. The sewing probably less than 15 minutes. It’s really just 3 seams on a single piece of fabric. I picked the same fabric than for DD’s Avalon jacket, because 1) I thought the stripey pattern would showcase the twisted draft well, and 2) DD is in a “partner look” phase. She keeps asking for clothes that look like mine or at least are made from the same fabric. My intention was good but I didn’t think it through: one-size-fit-all-japanese-women might not fit this hum… curvy lady. So I’m sparing you the pictures of sausagey me in the sweat and showing it on a hanger. You can have a peek at how it looks on a human body here.

The front is on grain, the back is cross-grain and the sleeves are on the bias.

Note to self for next time (and there will be one!): cut wider seams allowances or pick a knit with more give…

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  1. Marie-Christine permalink
    February 1, 2011 10:32

    Now I’m confused – which pattern magic book is that? Because the photo of the reference is for a t-shirt with twisted seams, but not at all an unusual pattern, and you’d do well to start from a good sloper (or a t-shirt pattern that does fit you). And the lovely folds are only obtained by straightening out the seams on your body.


    • February 1, 2011 11:22

      This is from the first pattern magic book. The book also includes a similar pattern for woven fabrics that is drafted from one’s sloper but this particular one for knits is a one-size-fits-all.


  2. February 25, 2012 15:13

    Hello! I own this book for more than a year, but never gave it a try. You are convincing me to start!
    I’m currently making a review of bloggers who made creations using this book. Of course I give the link to your blog!



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