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It ain’t over til it’s over

December 31, 2010

But now 2010 is really over (at least in some places) and it’s time to sum it up:

My only sewing resolution for 2010 was to do more selfish sewing. In 2009, I sew 33 items for DD and 9 for me and knit 3 for each of us. 2010 produced a single knit item for DD but 38 and 19 sewn items for her and me, respectively. So I can say I achieved my goal. Not only that: at a bit more than one item per week, I was more productive in 2010 than in 2009!

2011 won’t be about quantity but about quality. I’ll try to up my skills and step out of my comfort zone, which probably means more Vogue patterns or at least more non-Burda patterns, as far as selfish sewing is concerned. This already began in 2010 with the first underlined garment, the first FBA, the use of a couple more feet, the use of unusual fabrics like coating and faux-fur.

And I’ll be making a wedding dress. That’s something I’m excited about.

Sources of the patterns sewed in 2010:

There we have it. So long 2010, welcome 2011!

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