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Special order dress

December 29, 2010

This is  a special order from DD that got tired of my selfish sewing. She ordered a dress in this special fabric while I was working with it on this skirt and this top. Luckily, I had enough left to fulfill her wish. And because I was not sure she would be excited by the mere fact that “this is the same fabric as mom’s skirt/top”, I had to embellish it. I appliquéed it with a Farbenmix appliqué set I got from ebay for a couple of €, which is a bargain, they normally retail for like 10€ (!). It’s not as time-intensive as I had thought. This is a real labour of love and almost threw me down my couch. But I digress.

The pattern is from a japanese sewing book, the same I made this tartan dress, this Amy Butler Martini turquoise dress and also this dress from. DD is a tall and rather big even for european standards so for japanese ones, she’s Gulliver’s daughter: I cut a size 120. Spot on. Might even have to skip hemming.

The buttons were still missing on the right shoulder at the time I took the pictures but you can see on the last pictures one of the pink snap fasteners I intend to use. The only point I parted from the instructions is on the skirt gathering. They’re supposed to be made with basting stitches but thank Ottobre, I know better and used clear elastic instead. Also most seams are supposed to be sewn with a straight stitch first and then finished. I couldn’t see the purpose so I made almost all the seams with a zigzag. One of those moments I wished I had an overlock…

I might have enough fabric left to squeeze a minimalist cowl out of. I think that would be the last of it and the farthest a 20€-fabric investment will have ever taken me.

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  1. December 30, 2010 20:58

    la robe est très jolie et j’aime bcp l’appliqué papillon !!


  2. January 5, 2011 00:59

    She definitely looks happy about it!


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