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Sewing accessories you might (or might not) need

December 2, 2010

Are you the kind of sewer who only needs a machine, some shears and tailor’s chalk to be good to go or do you, like me, tend to collect gadgets that (you think) will make your sewing easier, faster, better? I thought I’d briefly mention two of them that got really handy while making the raspberry pants.

First up is the Hump jumper®, allegedly used by Calvin Klein to sew jeans. Like its name says, it helps to jump over a bump. Or to start a seam when you sewing with thick fabrics or through several layers. The Hump humper® comes in two thicknesses, which I think is handy. Do I like my hump jumper? Yes. Do you need one? No. I used to use scraps of the fabric I’m sewing with to make my own hump jumper, it works just as well. So I give it a thumb up but it’s not a must. I got mine on ebay. Here they are, maybe you can see the thickness difference:

The second gadget is to put on snap fastener, bachelor buttons and the like. I used to hate to do that. Ask my “roommate” where the hammer is, then make sure it’s not too late to hammer (not really practical for the mostly evening and night sewer that I am), than most of the time DD would come and when to play with the hammer too. Then I after all the noise and trouble, I would notice that the male and female parts of the snaps did not superimpose exactly and would have to take them out and go through the hassle again. That was just too much stress for a couple of snap fasteners. So I got myself some Prym pliers in my regular fabric store (they’re also available from Amazon):

They are super easy to use. The male and female parts of my snaps always superimpose perfectly now. I can put in snaps in the middle of the night when DD is sleeping and it takes less force than the hammer. Do I like it? You bet. Could I live without it? I wouldn’t want to. Two thumbs up.

Would you get one of these items for yourself? Which accessories make your sewing easier?

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  1. CGCouture permalink
    December 2, 2010 02:43

    I got the snap setter (, but it requires a hammer. However, I never have problems with them lining up, which I did with my cheapo pliers from JA’s. Your version looks a lot different than mine, so that’s probably the difference. I love my hump jumper–mine’s the huskvarna version that cost like $2 and it has the two different sizes on the same piece. One tool that I can’t live without is the 5-in-1 tool that is made by Clover ( So much better than a standard hem gauge. 🙂 I also love my Olfa rotary cutters–I have the 45mm one, and a little bitty one that I like for sharper curved areas. And my O’Lipfa straightedge to go with the rotary cutters–it’s nice because it’s more stable for those long cuts where the standard straight edges slip on slick fabrics. 🙂


  2. December 2, 2010 10:20

    Pour le Hump Jumper, je t’avouerai que je n’ai toujours pas compris comment ça fonctionne …
    Par contre le snap fasteners, c’est pour faire les oeillets, si je ne m’abuse, non ? Je n’en ai jamais utilisé. Mais c’est vrai qu’il ya qu’il me serait bien utilie pour les modèles lacés devant par exemples…


    • December 2, 2010 12:31

      Hello Sandra! Le hump jumper, c’est pour quand tu as des epaisseurs sur ta machine et que les points ne sont pas reguliers parce que le pied n’est pas droit. Il permet d'”equilibrer” le pied.
      Snap fasteners, ce sont les boutons pressions. Mais la pince marche aussi pour les oeillets, j’ai deja essaye!


  3. December 2, 2010 21:57

    I’m a gadget collector too!


  4. December 7, 2010 14:23

    hahaha I am one of those gadget collectors and I have the snap pliers too but still didn’t get around to practice their use- I love snap fasteners and hate buttons (making buttonholes in particular) but end up choosing buttons as I don’t trust my skills with this amasing gadget yet))))))))))


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