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Nonparelli pants

November 25, 2010

So it was all over the news that winter is coming to Germany this week. A glance in DD’s closet revealed: she needs pants. So all the selfish sewing did me well, but I’m on a new mission.

These are intended to be the first of a series. They’re from Ottobre and as usual, the details got me: the pleats on the pockets are too cute. I apologize for the pictures but dark blue cord is just as difficult to photograph as black.

The instructions are okay and the pants came out nice. I like the ankle elastic for winter. The cropped legs aren’t that winter friendly but I think they make them even cuter.

This is one of those garments that were cut without taking the nap into account but again, it doesn’t show. Phew!

This is the fifth pattern I make from this issue alone and it’s not the last. Guess who’s renewing their Ottobre subscription?

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