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Myyrnä pants

November 2, 2010

OK, so here’s the original:

They’re fully lined pants with pockets, elastic waistband with a waist tie, back pockets with flaps, ankle cuffs and topstitching. Between the funny back pockets and the topstiching, these were a lot of work. I skipped the waist tie, I think that independent lady will be happy to not need to be attended at the toilet. I also left out the flaps of the back pockets.

Things I could have done better:

  • take the nap into account: cord has a nap, just like fur. I totally forgot about it when cutting, so that the front is against the nap while the back is with the nap. I don’t think anybody will ever notice, it’s barely noticeable in real life, especially now in fall and winter. But I know… And the most annoying is that I cut a lot of cord and velour garment on that cutting session and didn’t think about this once. So don’t be surprised if upcoming garments have the same issue 😦

  • remember to mirror the bias bands of the front pockets: look at the stripes in the fabric on those, you’ll understand what I mean. Nobody will ever notice either. My dirty little secret…

  • my topstitching could be better. Although I noticed once the pants are finished, it doesn’t look half as bad as when the pieces are apart.

So all in all, I like them. And I admit they wouldn’t have taken half as long to make if I hadn’t made so many silly mistakes. Maybe the second pair will go smoother… It’s all cut and ready to go (with the same nap issue, of course!)!

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