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Montmartre skirt

October 23, 2010

Well chosen name. This skirt swirls so much, I’m sure any french can-can girl would have loved to wear it on stage. This is an Ottobre pattern and this time I felt let down by Ottobre big time. The pattern calls for 2 meters or velvet ribbon for the hem embellishment. Well, I got exactly 2 meters… and felt short of 10 cm when sewing it on. I though about it for a couple of days, then fetched out a remnant of this fabric, cut out a flower and sew it on. Ta da! Problem solved:

Like I said, I felt let down by Ottobre for a moment there but I recognize I might have been the cause of the problem because this is very similar to a circle skirt so I might have stretch it a bit while sewing the velvet ribbon on. But who cares now? DD sure doesn’t! I also added a trim at the waistband seam, just because:

This is an easy pattern, not to confuse with fast, at least not as fast as one might think. But I like it a lot. And yes, it’s the same fabric as the flower-pants-with-built-in-suspension, only in another color. And this time I cut it on grain!

Flower pants with built-in suspension

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  1. October 24, 2010 20:30

    Your comment about the Michael Kors dress was very timely as I’ve been thinking about it lately. I have a great fabric for it, too (which I won’t touch until I muslin it). With the help of those great blog posts/instructions, I think I’ll be able to do it. Maybe. Hopefully?


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