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Time to grow up

October 22, 2010

I actually made this dress back in the spring but didn’t get to wear it so didn’t post about it. I recall saying to myself at the time that my main sewing resolution for 2010 had been to sew more for myself. And I had done no selfish sewing ’til that day. And I recall thinking that the problem is, I want to sew clothing I will wear, which means I need to sew clothing that fits. That means I needed to part with the illusion I had when I took up sewing, that I’d pull a pattern straight out of its envelope or a mag, cut it out, sew it up, put it on and boom! it’d fit like a glove and look stunning. That’s the reason I love sewing for DD so much. No fitting involved. Fast reward almost all the time (yes, sometimes things like the frog pants happen). In other words, I needed to learn to alter, tweak and fit patterns. I needed to learn to take time for sewing. Look the reality in the face and admit I cannot sew a garment for myself in a couple of hours. At least not one that’ll fit like a glove and look stunning.

This was my first attempt to do this. It’s a rather simple dress, lined, back zipper, raglan sleeves (although Burda calls them yokes). And my first FBA. I made the lining first as muslin and it was fine on the first try (beginner’s luck?). Then after it was sewn up I took in the sides just a few millimeters and boom:

Now I can’t make “with FBA/without FBA” comparison pictures, I’m neither that nerdy (see that side bar? only 42% geek) nor do I have time for that kind of experiment, but I’ll go ahead and claim the fit around the bust and shoulders is good. Snug, but not tight. I was expecting the dress to be more curvy and flattering overall but I think considering the pattern, it’s rather false expectations than bad execution. Also, this is also something mentioned on the two reviews I found on patternreview so it’s all good. Maybe I should try and wear it with a belt. Another thing this dress could need is a vent because it doesn’t allow me to stride as fast as I’m used to. It kind of makes me walk like Joan of Mad men (yes, I’ve discovered Mad men two weeks ago and have watched all 4 seasons since).

The instructions were a dream. Every important step is written down and pictured. The only thing missing is, I think, to understitch the lining. I did it just at the collar. I tried it on after sewing the lining at the sleeves and it didn’t look like the lining would pop out so I left it at that. The only other change I made was using an exposed zipper instead of an invisible one. You know I like them exposed zippers 🙂

The fabric is a wool blend, which makes this a “look cool, be warm” dress. Perfect for spring and fall. The color is a mix of bordeaux, brown and rust.

Let me know what you think about it 🙂

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  1. October 22, 2010 22:08

    Looks great and you wear it so many ways!


  2. October 23, 2010 07:27

    Yeah, … nice shift dress, simple but elegant!


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