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Not your typical harem pants

September 6, 2010
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I’m not a risk taker when it comes to sewing. Before I tackle or even buy  a pattern I like to look it up on patternreview and see what experience others have had with it and how it looks on several body types… well, on mine especially. I’m not a fast sewer either, I rarely make up patterns out of the current Burda issue. I’ll like a pattern when it comes out and if I still like it a couple of months later, then I’ll start looking for fabric. Although it was love at first sight with Burda 7551, I had hope that by the time I came to it, at least one daring full-figured patternreview member would have posted about it. I was mistaken. Well, there is one from Mimi, but we don’t exactly have the same figure. But since the pattern is so “now”, I took the plunge.

The pattern is really easy and the only difficulties I encountered were due to my fabric that was prone to get eaten by my sewing machine and to get some runs. Neatening all raw edges asap took care of the runs. Pulling the threads toward the back upon sewing took care of the “my sewing machine ate my fabric” situations. Inserting the invisible zipper was also not the easiest task but after interfacing, it worked quite well. I had to take them in at the sides, which I did by creating a dart, since there are no side seams… Burda recommends crepe, linen, cotton or jersey for this project but I guess that means single jersey i.e. with very little stretch and not viscose jersey like I did, which is probably why I had to take them in. The dart is rather the fast and dirty way to go at it but I didn’t feel like unpicking and shortening the waistband and re-gathering the front, which would have been the elegant method.

They kind of remind me of the Slapdash sewist’s drape drape dress… I won’t wear them with my shirt tucked like Mimi because I need something that elongates my torso and I won’t wear it with an unfitted top like the Burda model because I emphasizing my bust wouldn’t be too flattering with these pants. I have to apologize for the crappy photographs, I still need to figure out how to photograph myself without the flash reflecting in the mirror (tips are welcome) so these were done without flash. So here’s how I look:

I’d like to hear your opinion, assuming you were able to built one based on these pictures :

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  1. September 6, 2010 18:09

    (I posted this on your PR review, too)

    I have been a hater of the harem/saroulle trousers, but I actually rather like this one on you. Am I right in observing that the crotch is the normal depth on these, as opposed to “Hammer pants” where it’s at your knees? I think the draping at the sides is really flattering!


    • September 6, 2010 18:50

      Hi Melissa! and thank you! You’re right, the crotch is a normal depth on these 🙂


  2. September 6, 2010 22:32

    They look great! I wonder who voted for you to donate them? Someone quite conservative, I would guess.
    Regarding the picturetaking, I’m sure there’s a self-timer built into your camera. If you’ve never used one before, look for a symbol that looks like a clock with only one hand and one little dot next to the hand (at about 11 o clock).
    When you find it, set it to the 10 second option if there’s a choice, and to more than one frame if you have THAT choice (I set mine to 10 frames, most cameras only allow one or three frames though). Put the camera on something steady, point on something the same distance as where you plan to stand, push the trigger and go pose!
    I think that’s how most of us do it. I do. I then work a bit with the pictures in photoshop, but that’s just me…


  3. janet permalink
    September 7, 2010 06:39

    Love your pants! I have this pattern and you have given me hope that I could make them and they would look OK on me. Thank you!


  4. September 9, 2010 15:54

    Mind you, you should have them with “Bündchen” I think! They suit you, but stylish is not what comes in my mind. And it’s a trend thing, so it’s got to be stylish. My 2 cents.
    You have a nice bod, though 🙂 well, ya’re younger than me 😉


    • September 9, 2010 17:02

      Ja, an ein Bündchen hatte ich gedacht. Ich bin selbst eher ambivalent dieser Hose gegenüber aber die ist bequem, ich werde sie an den Wochenenden tragen. Und was das Bod’ betrifft, du hast keine Ahnung welch eine Überwindung das Hochladen dieser Bilder gekostet hat. Aber es heißt doch “sich lieben und akzeptieren” oder?” Weil ich es mir wert bin lol


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