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Bye bye holidays

August 2, 2010

We didn’t have as good a weather in Basel as we did in Marseille but it was still very pleasant. One of the highlights was our visit in the zoo, which I can only recommend if you like to see elephants, giraffes, lamas, bisons, flamingos and a baby rhino (to cite a few) but can’t or don’t want to travel to their natural habitat. Another highlight was the concert of Freshly ground. DD and I have been dancing to their music almost every day ever since and she knows the words too.

Sewing wise, I only visited three shops, two of which I fell in love with. In fact it’s been a week but I’m still thinking about them, wondering if I should have grabbed that special fabric or that cute ribbon. The first one I discovered by chance as we were driving by in the tramway. It’s called Caraco on Gerberstr. 77. It doesn’t have a website since it’s rather small but it’s also packed like Ali Baba’s cave. With all kinds and styles of lace, ribbons and other embellishments:

This is only a part of one wall in the shop. I was overwhelmed and only managed to pick these:

Another shop we visited is Modesa/Stofftrucke:

I was out of there in less than 15 minutes. No exciting fabrics, prices too high for the quality.

But then there’s Stofftraum (Stoff=fabric, Traum=dream), a place I warmly recommend. This shop made my heart beat faster. It’s definition of “klein aber fein” i.e. “small is beautiful”. And if a seller that helps you take your body measurements isn’t friendly service, than I don’t know what is.

Here’s the shop:

And here’s what I got there:

The prices are reasonable, plus everything I got except the blue border fabric was on sale. That blue fabric will be turned into two skirts, for my host A. and me. The last one in the upper row, I only got because of this dress I bought at Zara in 2005 in which I… hum… don’t quite fit anymore:

Even if it wasn’t warm enough to swim in the Rhein, I really liked visiting Basel, all thanks to my friend A., which you can see looking at sewing patterns there in the back of the Stofftraum. Even though she couldn’t really understand why looking at and stroking fabrics would make me lush and moan, she stood by my side patiently lol.

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