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The Fall Vogue patterns are here!

July 14, 2010

Even though it’s hard to imagine given the temperatures at the moment (between 25 and 37 degrees!! in the last weeks) that fall will be back, Vogue knows better and wants us to be ready. Here are my favorites out of the Fall 2010 collection:

Vogue 1190 – Tracy Reese: the pattern is great and they chose the right fabric to make it stand out even more. Must remember to do the same if (or should I say when?) I make it up, though I possibly see a bra issue for full busts here. To be continued…

Vogue 1195 – Badgley Mischka: love the simplicity and drama of this one

V8672 – Vogue: love the versatility

Vogue 1202 – Donnakaran: not sure I’d have the confidence to pull these off, let alone to wear them together. But the photo somehow hypnotizes me… can’t stop staring at it…

So what’s your take on the Vogue Fall 2010 patterns? I’d love to hear!

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