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Come on, Burda…

June 7, 2010

So I ended up buying the June issue of Burda. And flipped through it until the preview of the July issue:

Now I know that fashion repeats itself every couple of decades or so and the Selfish Seamstress already pointed at the similarity between the ruffled blouse and a Burda pattern of the 80s. But it seems Burda has a much faster turnover because those harem pants look a lot like these from June 2009, just with a harem crotch:

And the Plus size dress looks a whole lot like this top (of which a dress version was included in the mag too) from June 2009 as well, just for plus sizes:

Come on Burda, are you so out of inspiration? No as far as DIY crafts are concerned, it seems, as there now appears to be a whole magazine dedicated to them: EAZY. If it means that the Burda sewing mag remains free of crafting tips, I’m all for it!

Edit: I just found out on the Selfish seamstress’s blog that there are some pretty interesting issues in the July issues. Let’s see…

Edit 2: And she also presents EAZY

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