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If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is

May 29, 2010

Again, it took longer than planned to let the suspense come to an end after my last sneak peek, but I like to “test wear” the garments before posting about them. I don’t want to rave about something because it looks good hot off the sewing machine, just to find out when I wear it for the first time that it doesn’t feel good. Off we go…

The Dracula cape is a free burdastyle member pattern. It doesn’t seem to be available on the new site but the finished garments are interesting. The pattern is available in size 38 only but it says it only needs adjustment at the shoulders, which I did, and then proceeded on to cutting the fabric. It sounded too good to be true… and it was. If you have a full bust, you’ll need a bit more than just adjusting the shoulders, as I found out. I changed the position of the bust darts, as they were ridiculously high as they were. I also hope I had lengthened it a bit. And, I was unsure as to whether I’d make it with or without buttons but I think none will be possible. With the buttons it’d be too tight (because of the bat wing attachment seam at the upper arm) and without, it opens up so I need some kind of closure system that doesn’t take anything away from the width, like hook and eye. I’m still unsure as to whether I should make a self fabric belt as well. Opinions are welcome.

The instructions are really succinct. For example, the instruction about inserting the lining are “insert the lining”. If you’ve made a couple of lined jackets before, you will manage through. I did and I don’t consider myself an advanced sewer. You’ll also find a couple or helpful posts on Ceregana’s blog. Also, a couple more markings for the insertion of the bat wings would’ve been helpful, but hey, this is a free pattern! I made a mistake and cut separate facings for the bat wings where the facings were already included, which explains why I have “teeth” at the joining seams in the front and back. I think they make the cape even more draculesque. I know some of you are muttering “muslin” right now but I’m not hearing it :D. After this and the Yamamoto jacket, I think  I might even be ready to tackle a Marfy pattern!

The back polka dot tag was an emergency solution to hide a hole I managed to poke in the back :(. I hope that with the interfacing and lining, it’ll be ok. The fabrics are a dark blue heavier cotton (sorry, fabric nomenclature is not my best subject) and pinstripe cotton lining. All in all, I like the final result. The cap sleeves were even higher before I pressed the seams, they reminded me of a Balmain jacket.

I’ve had it on once so far and I really like it. In the beginning, I was a bit unsure as to what to wear it with. First because of the length, secondly because it’s neither a top nor a jacket nor a sweater so is it just for outside or can you leave it on in the office? I ended up wearing it with my high-waisted Kasia, so I didn’t have to bother about the length and wouldn’t flash my stomach. I think it’d be ok with a longer shirt as well. This cape will not keep me warm so it works for cloudy days but not for cold days, unless I wear it with a warm sweater underneath e.g. mohair. Also, carrying my handbag on the shoulder is okay but carrying it at elbow level or at the wrist is easier (more on this subject here). The fabric is still a bit stiff but I’m confident that it’ll soften up after washing a couple of times.

Just a day after I had done the last stitch, I saw Gossip’s video “Pop goes the world” and my jaw almost dropped:

I’m seeing double again: is this a Dracula dress, or what?

So Whitney stylists get their inspiration from Burda mag and Gossip’s from Burdastyle? lol

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  1. May 29, 2010 07:51

    Wow, you look marvelous in that jacket. I love how you styled it with that high waisted skirt, very beautiful!


  2. June 4, 2010 07:36

    Bonjour !
    Je voulais répondre à ton commentaire par mail, mais je ne trouve pas ton adresse sur ton blog, j’espère que tu ne m’en voudras pas de te répondre ici … et en français ?
    Merci pour ton compliment, ce n’est pas rien de prendre la première place ;-). Par contre, je ne sais pas si j’achèterais le bouquin : les patrons ne sont qu’en format numérique, il faut tout imprimer. Les explications ne m’ont pas paru super claires (bon, faut dire que moi je ne suis pas bilingue) et il me semble qu’il y a des erreurs (genre le droit fil, qui une fois est de biais et l’autre non, c’est tout de même assez important …)
    Merci aussi pour le tuyau pour les patrons : je me suis incrite, et j’ai déjà reçu une offre qui me semble intéressante (tous à 4.75$). Y a plus qu’à !


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