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A day in Berlin (part 1)

May 25, 2010

So I got to spend a day in Berlin about two weeks ago, and here is the reason:

We won two concert tickets to Whitney Houston, including journey and hotel room. My dear roommate (and dad to my daughter :)) couldn’t make it because of work so I went with a friend and colleague of mine. Since she’s also a hobby sewer, we visited some fabric shops but I’ll address that in the next post. I won’t comment on Whitney’s singing performance, other than saying it was just as reported all over the media i.e. going from passable but still entertaining at the beginning to just plain dreadful and a bit pathetic at the end. I’d go so far and say I wish she’d had playback from time to time. What I want to show you are her scene outfits.

The first one was all black leather, which I wasn’t able to photograph too well so here are some pictures from the internet:

The front drape of the leather suit made a good job at concealing her stomach, even though she had to put her hands in her pockets from time to time to make sure it stayed down. Then (and that’s where I say her stylists were inspired by Burda), she changed into this one-shoulder gown:

At this point, I was so distracted by this oh so unflattering gown that I couldn’t really listen to the music anymore. I mean, not only was her not-so-flat-stomach-anymore emphasized, but the shape of her bellybutton was showing through the fabric! And it’s obvious by the lines on the sides what kind of underwear she had on. Why didn’t she put tights on? Why? Why?

Last outfit:

This was muuuuch more flattering. It’s a white blouse with a drape in the front (similar to the leather vest) combined with skinny jeans, which emphasized her skinny legs. A clever combination.

I’ll finish with some picture of the public and the VIP suite (meals and wine included!) we attended the concert from:

The VIP suites are just above and below the blue band in the photo below:

I still love you, Whitney, but the best part of your concert might have been the warm-up act, Samuel Harfst.

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