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Go Holland

May 23, 2010

I’m hooked on the quarterly Holland fabric market already. Now as you might have read in a previous post, I got a back issue of Knipmode a few weeks ago. Based on other bloggers’ reviews, I also got the November 2009 and the May 2010 issues. Most blogging hobby sewers I read subscribe to Burda. But since they seem to get duller with every issue (the Burda magazines, not the fellow bloggers) and since it’s so easy for me to buy single issues, I don’t feel the urge to subscribe. Knipmode, however, is another story. I feel the same urge to cut into fabric as when I get through the old Patrones. Contrary to Patrones however, I have the feeling I could master those patterns. Look at this (click to enlarge):

This is Knipmode’s pendant of Burda’s 4-in-1 feature. Not only am I in love with this origami blouse (not the only origami pattern included), but I also like that despite the fact that there are variations of the patterns included in the magazine, they rather show you how merely using a different fabric can achieve another look. Here are a couple of posts on exactly this subject.

Remember that crafting articles that Burda has? Well, Knipmode has got it too:

Here they show you how to refashion a top and sweater into a totally wearable shirt, unlike Burda!

In place of the monthly designer’s pattern, they regularly have patterns inspired from the catwalk or from celebrities like Michelle Obama or Princess Maxima.

They also have a pendant for children, called Knippie, which I’d also look into if I wasn’t hooked on Ottobre already. The only downside: there are very few reviews (only 5 pages worth!) of Knipmode patterns on patternreview

There are a couple more past issues I’m hunting down right now. To subscribe or not to subscribe, that’s the question…

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