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First name: Cindy, last name: Yamamoto

May 19, 2010

I bought the fabric for this project on Ebay because the description was interesting. It sounded like a mix of leather and knit. The reality was far less exciting. It looked like a coated sweatshirt fabric. The coating was already cracked in a couple of spots (probably from the fabric being stored folded) and even without the cracks, it was just horrible. It looked wrong. It looked cheap. I couldn’t imagine what to do with it. Until I came to the idea of peeling the coating. Here’s how it looked halfway through the process:

Peeling 2 meters took me a couple of hours. But it was well worth the effort since I got this beautiful wool knit fabric in return. It’s warm, smooth, with some sheen to it and a lovely cream colour. It was screaming to be turned into a Yohji Yamamoto shrug/jacket (like I told you before, sometimes my patterns and fabric, they talk to me:)). As you might know, the pattern originally came without instructions, some minimal ones have been made available since. There are some pretty good tutorials already published out there though, which allowed me to sew this up in one sitting and without ripping one seam (!). I sticked to the pattern and didn’t line it as I like the feel and warmth of this fabric on my skin. The jacket has no up- or downside, you can put in on either way. I like the look of both ways but it’s more comfortable worn with the lapels. I skipped the snap fastener in the front. The only thing I made different is taping only half of the pattern sheets and cutting each piece on the fold. Let the pictures speak for themselves:

the designer way:

Feeling like a yogi

butt hugging, no?

the practical way, oh so cosy too:

So this cheap (really didn’t cost me more than a few €uros) cheap-looking fabric turned into a designer jacket/shrug. If this isn’t a Cinderella story, what is? I had it on for 24 hours after I had it finished, just because I could part from it. Even my dear “roommate” asking “what’s that you’re wearing?” couldn’t make me take it off. I put it on to work and did get a at least one puzzled (but not disapproving) look lol. If you’re short, do not pick a thick fabric for this one as you’ll look lost in it. I like to wear it with heals and skinny. I still have to try and wear it with a wide belt. I think it’d look fine too.

There are several other free garment patterns at showstudio, including:

John Galliano Pirate Jacket

Maison Martin Margiela Unfinished pattern (for you to finish, of course)

Alexander McQueen Kimono jacket (might try this in a couple of years, I just don’t think I could make it right now)

Antony Price Macaw dress (reminds me of Pattern magic)

Junya Watanabe dress:

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  1. May 26, 2010 01:30

    This is fabulous!

    You have such amazing talent!!!

    Most people would have given up after receiving fabric that seemed disappointing on arrival. You have the ability to see beyond and create something special. 🙂

    The shrug looks beautiful on you. No wonder you didn’t want to take it off.





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