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Polka dot twist dress

May 17, 2010

I’m a mean blogger. Teasing about a project and then not showing it. Finding a photographer is not easy and then finding one that shoot good pictures is even more difficult. Ask Cidell. This dress made it to my wish list after reading this post. After I found the fabric a few months ago, it switched to my to-sew list. It’s in a dark purple two-way jersey with small polka dots. The pieces have been cut and laying in my to-sew box for a few weeks. But now I’m done!

The half-naked toddler trying to get in the picture is the reason you’re not getting any back picture. You’ll have to take my word for it when I say that the fit is fine. There are darts in the back, which means you can achieve a good somewhat fitted fit without negative ease that could be too revealing. I might cut it a couple of sizes smaller with an FBA, to see if it makes any difference. The keyword here was “might”.

The instructions are okay. Really. If you’re not tired, read carefully and use some good sense, they are. I didn’t even have to revert to this or this tutorial to understand them, not even for the twist part. It’s quite a quick pattern too: took me two after-hour sittings i.e. evening sewing sessions after putting DD to bed and having to work on the next day so definitely not sewing til 3 am or so. If I ever make it again I’ll secure the facings of the twist and skirt because when I put on the dress, I have to make sure the wrong side of the twist facings doesn’t show (that’s not so dramatic, as they will stay in place afterward) and with every other step, the facings of the skirt show (that bothers me more). On windy days I’ll have to be careful too: the dress behaves like a wrap dress…

I think this is a great pattern. It gives curves to a straight figure and flatters a curvy one. I’ve had it on twice now, once as shown in the pictures and the second time above with a long-sleeve shirt underneath and matching accessories. I have gotten compliments both times. Ideal for travel too.

Now that I’ve made a draped jersey dress, am I ready for another one? Vogue 1159? I mean, it’s not like I don’t have suitable fabric…

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  1. May 17, 2010 22:04

    Nice dress! I love twists. And jersey.
    ANd i had to smile, I never buy patterns, really (or did I just begin?), but I just bought V1159. I’m a bit scared the gathered fabric will make a pregnant tummy-impression, but hopefully not!
    Ohm you don’t have a camera with a self-timer and a tripod? I do. Makes it a whole lot easier without a photographer, but I still struggle to find the time (and inspiration). Might be worth a try though (I used piles of boxes before I got the tripod).


  2. CGCouture permalink
    May 18, 2010 02:38

    Gorgeous! It’s definitely flattering, I’m going to have to hunt down that pattern and make one up for myself. 🙂



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