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Granny square dresses

May 14, 2010

These have been flowering all over the French-speaking hobby sewer moms’ blogs in the last months (I know of at least 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and there’s many more) and I totally understand why. Low execution time, low-cost, high cuteness factor. Making three of them took me only a couple of days, working on it here and there. One is for DD, one for her cousin who’ll be visiting later this month and one for Ella Poupella, her doll.

The tutorial for the granny squares is here, and I joined them as I went, which is shown here. The tutorial for the dress is here. It’s in French but super simple. In the very improbable case you need help, let me know. Basically, you need to crochet as many as you need to fit the upper bust, then crochet a nice border with button loops in the back. Then cut a rectangle of fabric (here you can use whatever you have), sew shut, gather and sew to the crochet “yoke” . I did it all by machine (not a fan of hand sewing), making sure the crochet “yoke” is on top and the fabric to the feeding dogs. It worked like a charm. I used some satin ribbon for the shoulder straps, actually because I didn’t have enough thread left for make chain stitch-spaghetti straps for all 3 dresses. And see, I love them. They give a kick to the dress, and they’re certainly more comfortable than crocheted spaghetti straps. I’m not a big fan of crochet, which I find too stressful on my right wrist, but I highly enjoyed making these. I’ll try to shoot pictures of all 3 when my niece is here. I need to work on a gift for a baby to be born in October, too. Yes, my sis is expecting her second! The dress will be snug when I install the buttons in the back:

The fabric is the same I used on the waistband of this dress.

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