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Kerttu, the dress that bled

April 9, 2010

Last summer, I made the pattern as is i.e. as tunic. The result looked good but like I said before, I had less knowledge of fabric then than I do know (isn’t that comforting) and the only thing I could’ve said about the fabric I used is that is was a “weird cotton”. Now I know better: it was quilting cotton. And that’s a point where I definitely agree with the selfish seamstress: quilting fabrics are not suited for garments and that, to me, includes kids’ garments. This time I traced the pattern in 104 and lengthened it to a dress, using this poplin embellished with crocheted flowers and I used a yellow rik-rak as contrast, including on the waist bands. I also stitched the casings with yellow thread and added rikrak to both sides of the waist ribbons. Otherwise the dress would’ve been too unbalanced, highly decorated at the hem aqnd otherwise plain. I love the end result. I recalled that sewing the elastic to the sleeves and collar had been a fiddly matter last year and it turned out just the same this time. I zigzaged the elastics on and then turned the sleeves/collar edge in and handstitched. Then I had DD try it on and see, she wouldn’t take it off so I left her wear it for a day and of course, it had to be washed, which I did. I don’t use a tumbler so I let it air dry and look at that:

The crochet flowers bled on the dress! The stains are not too big and not “in your face” since mostly scattered between the flowers but I really felt like suing Bizzkids. But DD doesn’t care so I guess I shouldn’t, huh?

Update April 15, 2010: After a couple more wash, the stains have fade away!

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  1. April 10, 2010 21:34

    Ouch. I heard complains about BizzKids fabrics before. That’s terrible! I didn’t see the spots though and I think she looks gorgeous in her dress.


    • April 10, 2010 21:47

      Wow for real? I always thought Bizzkids fabrics meant quality. I’ll think about it twice before buying them again. Thank you for your kind words.



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