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Flower princess dress

April 5, 2010

This dress is lovely, even though a bit formal. It has a raised waistline, a front yoke and cap sleeves. Maybe I should’ve skipped the cap sleeves to make it more casual but they are so pretty (this is also pattern #18 in the same issue)! This pattern from Ottobre is actually designed for two combining fabrics but I had this beautiful bordered fabric bought from a private on Ebay last year that I thought would look great. It’s a bit too flowerful for me but this dress is not for me, it’s for DD and she loves it. I think I would’ve loved it at her age too. Other than using one fabric instead of two and skipping the waistband bow, I didn’t make any change.

I used a zipper in a fun color (again!) in the back. I found it weird that the lining is neither top- nor understitched but somehow it doesn’t bother and the lining doesn’t peek out. I also think topstiching would’ve given a more casual character to the dress but again, no regrets. Another princess dress for the upcoming summer (actually, she had it on on her birthday already; yes, she turned three and I still can’t believe it!). I might even make a petticoat to have it look even more princess-y.

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