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Viola goes turquoise

April 1, 2010

This is the Viola dress pattern from Ottobre 4/2009 in a rather thick but super smooth cotton in a vibrant turquoise with a matching gingham as lining. This pattern is not marked “D” (wide) but it did come out suuuuuper wide and the stripes are wayyy too long. I’m so not used to that from Ottobre. And I’m 100% sure that’s not a mistake of mine. I’m hoping it’s just too big now and will fit better in a few months (I cut a size 104). I skipped the buttonholes on the front since the zigzag stitch of my machine is acting up and I’m too broke to have it serviced they’re not functional , and used overalls closure for the straps, which hopefully turns this into an evolutive garment (today a dress, tomorrow a tunic, eventually a top). I also skipped the buttons on the pocket because I didn’t have enough buttons DD likes to use her pockets and would never close them. Again I used a contrasting zipper, this time in cream. I like the final result and although it’s not obviously girly, I think DD does too. But since it’s so big, it’ll go into her “Later” case. Maybe it’ll fit in a couple of months or she could also use as layering element next fall and winter…

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