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Sewing unites

March 29, 2010

I don’t know her, she doesn’t know me. I happen to love her creations, maybe she likes mine too. I’m greedy for fabric, she’s most certainly generous with hers. A couple of weeks ago, she published this beautiful top and said she had some of the insert fabric left and anybody interested in a piece of it should leave a comment. That’s something I don’t need to be said twice. And this is what I got in the mail today:

Yes, it’s a piece of that fabric, enough to use it for an insert too. It’s a delicate vintagey lacey fabric. Why would anyone willingly give away such a beauty? Tells you how nice a person she is. Now a battle is taking place inside of me: one part of me wants to sew this up immediately and the other wants to stash it, take it out from time to time only to stroke it and stash it back. Thank you, Elise, for my new treasure…

Pssst: visit her blog mostly about knitting, sewing and her creative finds here (be warned, it’s in French!)

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