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Oscars 2010

March 9, 2010

My favorite:

Sandra Bullock

The whole look (hair, jewelry, lack of bows or ruffles, and don’t you love that tiny round clutch?) is so simple and modest it’s incredibly sophisticated. I suspect the dress is even more beautiful in person than on tv: it’s velvet. She looked like a best actress right there (ok, it’s easy to say after the fact :)), and even though Halle Berry stays number 1 in my book, she came pretty close.

On the plus side, I liked


And in the “what were they thinking category”, I see

I don’t know what kind of fashion statement Sarah Jessica Parker was trying to make there.


I actually like JLo and from the description (“Giorgio Armani Prive iridescent pale pink silk organza evening gown [with] a side train accented by Swarovski crystals”, from, I suspect the dress was beautiful in person but on TV it looked made of bubble wrap packing material and all I wanted to do is sit at her side and pop those bubbles one at a time. Plus, someone had a gown made out of the same fabric, presumably in green but on tv it looked pretty similar:

There were also a couple of toilet paper gowns and one pornstar-looking celebrity, presumably because of those shoes (oh these are Louboutin so let me upgrade that to high-class working girl).

And because on Monday, I had the “who are you wearing?” question in my mind, I dressed DD so she’d answer “Mom” if asked:

I agree that the look is not so spectacular but it made me feel good (DD not, it seems). The reviews are coming.

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