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Striped high waisted skirt

January 26, 2010

First, the pictures:

The fabric is a beautiful wool flannel I got from my almost mother-in-law. The instructions about the waist facing didn’t make sense at first. Then I looked on to see how fellow home sewers treated it and found Jali’s review stating that the lining did not account for the facing and she’d had to chop off the facing off the lining pattern pieces herself. And then it made all sense to me. This is the first time I’ve seen this construction: the bottom of the facing needs to be neatened (in my case zigzaged, since I had to put the Overlock back on my 2010 wish list), then the piece is pinned wrong side against the right side or the lining and from that point on, both are basically sewn as one piece, kind of when you underline a garment. So in the end the interfaced (in my case, with black interfacing) waist facing is hanging inside the skirt:

I wonder what the benefit of this construction over the “regular” one is, but I’m happy I learned something.

The instructions for the slit didn’t make sense either but based on Jali’s pictures, I was able to pull it out easily. I finished the U of the lining with bias, it appeared to be the neatest and easiest method:

I wish I’d paid attention to centering the pieces on the stripes, so that the darts look identical. The pattern looked so simple that I didn’t think there’d be any matching involved. Another lesson learned.

I love this skirt and I suspect it’ll get worn as often as my Kasia.

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