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Tammy skirt

January 13, 2010

This is a corduroy skirt with a poplin lining. The fashion fabric is the same as here and the lining same as here so it’s a remnant garment. The skirt is version A of the pattern in a size 104. It was quite easy to sew. The instructions were okay except the part about how to fix the elastic at the waistband but I figured out a way. This was my first time doing a lined skirt from Ottobre and I found their way interesting. They have you sew the front skirt and lining together at the waist, then the same with the back skirt and lining. Then you put the front and back right sides together making sure the waist marking correspond and sew the side seams. The result is a cylinder and when you “peel” the half of it out, there’s your lined skirt! You only need hemming and voilà, you’re done! Although additionally, I tacked the lining to the skirt at the side seams. This is the result (click to enlarge):




DD’s reaction as I showed it to her was “oh how beautiful!” and then  she wanted to put it on. Immediately… with the nightingale tunic! Now this is not quite the look I had in mind (doh!) although I should’ve known she’d want to pair these two:

What DD wants

What mommy wants (without the funny facial expression)

This means that every time I want her to wear one of these pieces, I’ll have to make sure the other one is well hidden if I don’t intend her to wear them her way. Plus as you can see, the tunic fits her well now but the skirt is a bit big, which is okay since I only intend her to wear it from spring on.

Now listen to this. I took off her pants and tights to have her try the skirt on. Actually didn’t want to take off the tights but she did and that was a battle I didn’t mind losing. So she puts the skirt on bare legs and the matching tunic, I shoot the picture and go in the kitchen. 5 minutes later she comes in the kitchen where the window’s open and complains “it’s getting cold around [her] knees” so I say ok, let’s take off the skirt (it’s been only 5 minutes and she hasn’t stained it or whatever so if I take it off now, maybe I won’t have to wash it before she wears it for real, you know) and put the pants back on. She thought about it for about 5 seconds and said in a rather determined tone “No. We put tights on… (brief pause) pink tights”. Oh well, I have a girly girl and I guess there’s nothing I can do about it…

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